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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Seasonal swell & wind variations:

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Seasonal swell & wind variations

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Surf Spots

Surf Spots (27)
Quality Direction Type Frequ Experience
Aguilar 2 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Cotarelo - / -
Right and left Sand-bar All surfers
El Mongol 15 / -
Right Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Frejulfe - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
La Roca 3 / -
Right Point-break All surfers
Los cubos - / -
Right Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Luanco 12 / -
Experienced surfers
Munielles 2 / -
Beach-break Beginners wave
Navia 1 / -
Right and left Rivermouth All surfers
Otur 3 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Peñarronda 6 / -
Right and left breakwater/jetty All surfers
Peñarrubia 4 / -
Left Reef-rocky All surfers
Playa cueva - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Playa de la Andrin 6 / -
Right and left Sand-bar Experienced surfers
Playa de Vega 4 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Playa de Vidiago 3 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Playa Espana 4 / -
Right and left Beach-break
playa La Espasa - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Playa San Lorenzo 4 / -
Right and left Beach-break
Ribadesella 15 / -
Right and left Beach-break Beginners wave
Rodiles 22 / -
Left Rivermouth Experienced surfers
Salinas San juan 17 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
San Antolin 4 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
San lorenzo - san pedro 11 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Tapia de Casariego 7 / -
Right Sand-bar All surfers
Xagó 11 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Xivares 11 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers


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 Last surf sessions

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De zapman123456789
21 sept. 2014

De zapman123456789
20 sept. 2014

27 avril 2011

Salinas San juan
De Tomate
3 août 2010
POR DIN UN DIA BUENO - Media Marea subiendo, dos picos bien definidos, derecha e izquierda, sin viento, serie potente en la orilla. El mejor dia del verano.

 Last surf trips

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simon avatar
Voyage : portugal-espagne
De simon
Du 1 août 2008 au 20 août 2008



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By , 13-12-2006

Moving to asturias - Hey everyone ! im most likely moving to oviedo for a year (erasmus) next year. Im a surfer and would like to know if there is any surf clubs i could join in the area. Also, i speak decent spanish, would that help in getting accepted by the locals for surfing their waves ?Oh and last thing, how far is oviedo from the coast and how long does the trip take ? muchas gracias ^^

By Anonymous , 31-10-2006

- i´m not amazingly keen on circumventing the natural, and social, order of meeting people. nevertheless, my minimal spanish has undermined my right to choose. though i´ll labour to improve, in the meanwhile an english speaking surfer, who can laugh off my written style, i would be very glad to meet.

By Surfin' Sarah. , 24-01-2006

Surfing in August in Asturias and Ccantabria, - I am going to be staying in the Picos de Europa area but want to do some surfing up on the coast too. Can anyone recommend a good beach break for a beginner, with boards to hire too...maybe a surf cafe too?XCheers,sarah.

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