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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 13-12-2006

Moving to asturias - Hey everyone ! im most likely moving to oviedo for a year (erasmus) next year. Im a surfer and would like to know if there is any surf clubs i could join in the area. Also, i speak decent spanish, would that help in getting accepted by the locals for surfing their waves ?
Oh and last thing, how far is oviedo from the coast and how long does the trip take ?
muchas gracias ^^

By Anonymous , 31-10-2006

- i´m not amazingly keen on circumventing the natural, and social, order of meeting people. nevertheless, my minimal spanish has undermined my right to choose. though i´ll labour to improve, in the meanwhile an english speaking surfer, who can laugh off my written style, i would be very glad to meet.

By Surfin' Sarah. , 24-01-2006

Surfing in August in Asturias and Ccantabria, - I am going to be staying in the Picos de Europa area but want to do some surfing up on the coast too. Can anyone recommend a good beach break for a beginner, with boards to hire too...maybe a surf cafe too?

By anonymous , 10-11-2005

Freerider - Picos is almost virgin for serious riders. Try the Peña Prieta area, the best snow in the Cantabric mountains, but take into account that Pirineos is much better.

By , 07-09-2005

moving to asturias - im moving to asturias soon, i think around the ribdasella area. the surf/snow/climb/chicks seems to good to pass up on. if anybody local could contact me id be so grateful. the surf seems obviously amazing everywhere and the climbing in the picos seems world class but what about the snowboarding? i know there are three main stations but which one, if any, has the best off piste/snow park. also any general stuff about the surf such as where the dominant wind comes from would be much appreciated. any email will get a gaurenteed reply.

By anonymous , 10-10-2004

Help me - Hello, I'm going to Oviedo during 6 months from January to June for studying. I have surfed for 5 years in south of France (Hossegor,Biarritz,Lacanau) but I didn't know we could surf in the Asturias. Are the waves as good as in France? Can we surf all the year? Is the water cold?

Thank you for answering me

By Marckie , 24-05-2004

Oil status? - How is it with the oil in NW-Spain?? The past summer i've been on several and some of them were terrible. Which beaches or the most windy (windsurfing)?

By anonymous , 20-12-2003

un breton bien mazouté ! - meme question qu'en dessous = un jour c'est sûr, je vais faire un trip surf dans le nord de l'espagne, alors est-ce qu'on va pas etre dépaysé par rapport à la Bretagne et le reste où on se ramasse boulettes sur boulettes...? sinon bon courage aux surfeurs du coin ces armateurs de merde devraient passer à la guillotine !

By anonymus , 17-11-2003

asturias buena - well just passed few days in asturias ...and nice place ...really nice with so many probable spots depending the orientation of the waves!!but during the autumn , waves seems powerfull even if not to high!!particulary in otur with courants!!!must be easier in april or may!!!

By , 01-10-2003

Yank moving to Asturias - Hey,
I'm relocating to Asturias this December and I have not surfed in a while although I will now be starting again. Looking for any surf buddies while I'm there. Email me or post here if interested. Also, can anyone recommend a good surf shop as the movers lost my board!

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