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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Chile, Sur

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Datum: WGS84 [ Help ]
Precision: Approximate

GPS History (1)

Latitude: 36° 4.642' S
Longitude: 72° 47.933' W

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A small beach town surrounded by forrests and farms. As far as a 50 minute car drive heading south from Curanipe, this territory of great beauty and unique contrasts

DistanceWeek-end trip

WalkShort walk (5-15 mn)

Easy to find?OK

Public access?Public access

Special access4x4

 Surf Spot Characteristics

Alternative name Buchu

Surf Spot Quality

Wave qualityWorld Class

ExperienceExperienced surfers

FrequencyVery consistent (150 day/year)




BottomSandy with rock

PowerHollow, Fast, Powerful

Normal lengthLong (150 to 300 m)

Good day lengthVery Long (300 to 500 m)

Tide, Swell and Wind

Good swell directionWest, South

Good wind directionNorth, East

Swell sizeStarts working at 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and holds up to 4m+ / 12ft

Best tide positionAll tides

Best tide movementFalling tide

More details

Week crowdFew surfers

Week-end crowdCrowded

Webcam url 


- Rips / undertow

 Additional Information

Buchupureo is the standout break with La Boca, meaning rivermouth, grooming the sand into really long lefts, breaking in 2-3 sections and it’s protected from S winds. Barrel time can reach a handful of seconds and comparisons with Mundaka means it gets crowded at times.


Pleasant environment, trees, giants and long waves, just south of chile showing surfing potential it has. WARNING: LOW TIDE PREFERABLY run it.


excellent spot


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Viaje: The dream trip
Por Teddy g
De 16 may 2015 a 16 may 2015
Best surf trip Ive done would have to be here last year.I´d been here once before with some of my buddies from back home back in 2013 and we got some of the best waves of our lives down there,this year was no different with some of us getting


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By Chile4life , 26 Mar

COLD WATER HEAVEN The best and most uncrowded waves you will ever find in the south just bring a wetsuit - Just did a van trip through the entire coast of Chile and scored the waves of my life down in the south.
Buchupureo and all the points like Rinconada,Pullay,Tregaulemu friggen blew my mind...absolutely ridiculous amount of empty left sand bottom point breaks for like a 100km stretch and offshore all day in the southerly trade winds it was like surfing empty Indo in the 70's just with cold water! Amazing nature down there also.

Punta de lobos was pretty sick too.Looooong lefts and a fun town to hang out in but in the south was where all the best setups were.
Iquique was also sick...Intendencia OMG one of the heaviest lefts I've ever surfed but still the North had nothing on the south in my opinion.

By chileexpert , 28-04-2017

BEST SPOT IN CHILE - its simply the best wave in chile. 15sec tubes when its on. Pullay Hostel is a great option. a lot of places want top dollar for not great accom. in Pullay you can have 3 meals a day private room in front of an amazing wave for the same price you pay for a dorm in town or at punta de lobos

By Anonymous , 28-12-2016

- This amazing wave but is offshore in south wind not north wind!!! I make a trip here with friends we have amazing waves here and Pullay near here, good hostel to stay in Pullay for good price we have such good time surfing/staying here!

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