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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Central America

Barbados has 262 000 people and is 430 km². The island is pretty flat except for the "Scotland District". The climate is tropical. The rain season is from June to December. The main wind is E-NE all the year.
The surf is infrequent and unpredictable. On the West Coast, you'll have surf from December to March (needs a North Swell). The East Coast receives the Atlantic swells. The surf is more consistent here.
Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Geographic coordinates: 13 10 N, 59 32 W
Coastline: 97 km
Climate: tropical; rainy season (June to October)
Terrain: relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region
Natural hazards: infrequent hurricanes; periodic landslides
Currency: Barbadian dollar (BBD)

Location: Caribbean, island in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Geographic coordinates: 13° 10' N, 59° 32' W
Coastline km: 97 km km
Climate: tropical; rainy season (June to October)
Terrain: relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region
Elevation: lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m highest point: Mount Hillaby 336 m
Natural hazards: infrequent hurricanes; periodic landslides
Currency: Barbadian dollar (BBD)
Population: 279,912 (July 2006 est.)
Languages: English
Capital: Bridgetown
Divisions: 11 parishes and 1 city*; Bridgetown*, Christ Church, Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint James, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Lucy, Saint Michael, Saint Peter, Saint Philip, Saint Thomas

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Best Surfing Season
Typical Swell Size
Surf Equipment Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts
Water temp. 25°C
Air temp.            

Seasonal swell & wind variations

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Surf Spots

Surf Spots (29)
Quality Direction Type Frequ Experience
Accra Beach - Rockley Beach 3 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Batts Rock 8 / -
Reef-rocky All surfers
Brandon 11 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky All surfers
Caccra Bank 1 / -
Carib - / -
Left Reef-coral All surfers
Cattlewash 3 / -
Right and left Sand-bar Experienced surfers
Church Point 3 / -
Right Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Cobblers Cove - / -
Left Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Crane Beach 8 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Dover beach 3 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky All surfers
Duppies 7 / -
Right Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Foul bay 6 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Freights 20 / -
Left Point-break All surfers
Fryers Well 2 / -
Right Reef-coral All surfers
Gibbs - / -
Right and left Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Maycocks 20 / -
Right Reef-rocky All surfers
Mullins 2 / -
Left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Paradise - / -
Right Point-break Experienced surfers
Parlors 7 / -
Experienced surfers
Ragged Point 1 / -
Right and left Beach-break Experienced surfers
Salt Ash 4 / -
Left Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Sandy Lane 9 / -
Left Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Silver Sands 6 / -
Right Reef-coral All surfers
Skeetes Bay - / -
Right and left breakwater/jetty Beginners wave
Soup Bowl 48 / 1
Right Reef-coral Experienced surfers
South Point 17 / -
Left Reef-coral Experienced surfers
Surfer's Point 7 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky All surfers
Thunder - / -
Left Point-break Experienced surfers
Tropicana 7 / -
Left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers


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Crane beach


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YouTube, Kelly, Slater, Barbados 03:28

Soup bowl

 Last surf sessions

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De bodyboard101
8 nov. 2010
fun boggie - super fun wave great for just screwing around i got a double reverse 3 in was a good day

Crane Beach
De bodyboard101
8 nov. 2010
crane boggie -
jboe avatar
South Point
De jboe
2 avril 2010
mattysan avatar
De mattysan
24 mars 2008
Shredding the Shredder - Wicked morning session on the board I have dubbed the "tank". Awesome break with a lot of good waves, managed to snag my share of decent ones off the shoulder. I find it difficult to surf the main section just because of how heavy the shredder is to

 Last surf trips

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Jerzandbeyond avatar
Voyage : Barbados
De Jerzandbeyond
Du 3 mars 2007 au 11 mars 2007
so, its my first surf trip to and being that i'm by myself, i needed to get somebody familiar with the island to work with me for the week. so, i'm hooking up with Zed Layson when i get down there to show me around the island and whatnot.&n

Voyage : Bados 2007
De Big Tank
Du 5 janv. 2007 au 21 janv. 2007
Every year we (my "now" wife ,was girlfriend) head down to Barbados. For me this  began in 1977, started w/ the whoile family. Then a divorce, so dad and the kids, then in early 90's me solo, and now to the present (past 7 years),


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By snopfab , 05-06-2012

Barbados September - Hi guys, I'm going to Barbados in September around Sandy Lane Bay, I know there's a left here but somebody could tell me if there also some good right around, and how often it works on average?

By schoremusik , 15-09-2011

Appartment needed close to a right hander - Hey folks,

me and two friends are heading to Barbados first two weeks in November.
I was wondering if anybody knows of any nice appartment close to a break/beach? ocean view preferred.
Let me know and thanks for your help.


By jojo , 11-07-2010

barbados=BEAST - Im fourteen, and i live in north florida. But i went on a surf trip to barbados. the southern beaches are where you need to be. Nice barrels and everyones really cool. But When your about to hop on dont look down cause all you see is fire coral and when you eat shit your gonna be hurting.

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