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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 22-11-2011

- What's the name of the place with no electricity and the hippies? I want to read about that spot here. Met a Brazillian there from Florianopolis.. made me laugh, it was totally flat!

By porthos81 , 29-12-2010

Surfing next week - help requested - Hey everyone,

I wanna come next week to Uruguay to surf (out of Buenos Aires). May anyone have a quick help where I can go (surf camp or other accomodiation with a shop near by)? I didn't find too much helpful in the internet so far...

As I am leaving Europe already in 3 days, quick help would be great!

Thanks a lot!!!


By Anonymous , 07-06-2010

- When is the best time of the year to go surf in Punta del Este? Could someone explain more about crowd, wave sizes, etc. during the different seasons of the year? thanks

By Anonymous , 07-08-2009

interesado - q interesante alvaro
quiero venir proxima semana
me llamo thierry
mi mail e
contacta me amigo

By Alvaro , 31-07-2008

House for rent in Arachania, near La Paloma in Rocha-Uruguay - I've got a house for rent, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, barbecue, two floors, excelent location just a few steps to the beach and the waves

By Matt Fox , 15-03-2008

SA Surf - My name is Matt Fox, Im 21 and living in Buenos Aires until July. Im from East Coast US and have come to BA to study abroad but hope to fit in a little surfing. I know surfing in Argentina isnt the best, thats why Ive been looking into Uruguay. I hear theres a cheap ferry that goes up to Montevideo.
My Spanish isnt great, but I can get by. I was hoping anyone would have some advice on places to travel, stay, surf, people to know...
I cant stay for long periods of time because Im taking classes here in BA, but Im able to get away Thursday-Sunday every weekend.
I appreciate any advice or travel tips anyone can offer. My e-mail is

By , 24-07-2007

info - Uruguay has low to none crowd in most of the beaches from march to december. the only moment you will suffer, and trust me, you will, beacause of crowd is on january and march. When a lot of people decide that surf plus the lot of turism that the zone atracts.
The weather conditions are fine during most of the year. June, July and august are really cold but surfable. The prices in comparition with the rest of the world are cheap (not gas, that is very expensive $1,2 for litre) and chiks are great.
thats all, for pictures, for further info
you are always welcome!

By , 26-04-2007

surf trips to uruguay - if available people would be interested in going on surf trips to urugay?
like one week to la paloma for instance with food transportation and hotel or something like that?
please answer i'm making o sort of market research

By , 12-06-2006

Living and suring in Punta - I'm planning to move to Punta in Sept, find some work, learn Spanish, mix with the locals and surf. Just wondering how consistent the surf is there and where would be a good spot to rent an apartment - near city and consistent surf beach if possible. I'm intermediate level and surf a long board all year in Ireland, so water temperatures don't bother me. Plan to eventually learn to ride a short board properly. I presume picking up a board when I get down there should be easy enough? Should I expect packed beaches? How quiet does the place get in the off peak period?

By , 01-02-2006

Juanto - If you like to know how are the waves every day in Uruguay?

You have to look at

Every day we put in the page some photos of the bests surf spots in Uruguay.

Enjoy it.

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