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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Peru, North

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By Anonymous , 10-04-2011

Piscinas - This is the funniest wave you are going to find around, about that coment of what happened on the road to Talara. If that is true, which I do not believe happened on the road to the city which begins which one of the most dangerous port of the country. So my advise as local would be, try to get early (at least two hours before dark) to Talara, and dont try to go there during night time...get "everything" you are gotta need early

By Anonymous , 01-09-2009

- surf at your peril. a friend of mine got held up at gun point on the road from talara, robbed his ass and shot his driver in the leg. enough said...

By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

look out for the LUCH - if you surf this wave you gotta buy lucho a beer. dont question this just do it! he is the man around these parts for sure

By East Coaster , 09-04-2007

Open for business... - I just came back from a roadtrip through Ecuador and Northern Peru, and I surfed Piscinas with no hassles. Just walk north from Lobitos, under the old piers, and you'll see the rocks. No problems from the local military contengient.

By Anonymous , 28-06-2006

shut down - piscinas is shut down, the military wont allow people in right now for some reason...i got the shaft..

By Anonymous , 06-06-2006

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By ReNaTo , 30-10-2004

the funny beach - picinas is a funny beacg because you can surf in there and have a lot of fun because it is an easy wave and you con enjoy the wave. it has an incredible air tahat make you be blowed by the air... but the waves are the good part

By Emperador Monzéfuhmon , 27-05-2004

ghost town! - While driving to the beach, check out the ghost town you are passing through.. if you look carefully you will notice little men dressed up like soldiers running by and in the ghost store, you can buy from bubblegum to little buddha statues (?!). Crazy town, nice beach, nice waves!

By anonymous , 30-03-2004

no title - caught some nice fun waves there. had no luck with the swell, as the sand bottom was very good. most beautyful beach i´ve visited in peru

By , 08-03-2003

la piscenas - i was took to la piscenas whilst staying at mancora .
surfed it with loco tubo and crew probably the most fun wave i surfed in peru wasnt working in february though no sand there ive got photos will send them soon.

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