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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Peru, North

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By anonymous , 28-07-2003

arse? learn how to speak english dumb fuck - i would like to say that all the times i have been here, the americans were showing to the most respect. as for the brazilians, go home jungle monkeys. those pieces of shit drop in on everyone and then yell obscenities at the rider they just burned. what the hell is wrong with you shitheads? brains wired wrong? just bad shit. locals are cool though.

By anonymous , 08-07-2003

NO JOKE guttermouth - See above.

By anonymous , 07-07-2003

every dog has it's day - didn't catch it too epic. maybe 1 ft overhead. fairly crowded by peru standards with aggro locals, and a bit open to wind. still a nice town and worth the visit. wish i could have caught it bigger...

By anonymous , 03-07-2003

Jealous of americans, your fucking joking - Incredible that an american actually overheard something, usually got their heads buried so deeply up their own arses that they don´t hear anything. Don´t believe everything you hear fool.

By Anonymous , 26-06-2003

The Spot - I heard that Pacasmayo is offshore all day and overhead when Chicama is 1 foot.As for the commments on

I hear Pacasmayo is overhead and offshore all day when chicama is 1 foot.As for the comments on 'Americans', one word;jealousy.

By hating yo ma , 21-06-2003

stupid americans - right on. they're not real popular anywhere. get what they deserve i guess.

By anonymous , 21-06-2003

Who cares wanker - Talk about carry on. Typical americano, big mouth and nothing else. don't come back. why don't you go somewhere warm for your little vacations. fools.

By yo mama , 05-06-2003

Crowded - I´m here now and the swell has died but the wind remains. I think its colder than Lima and am quite happy in my 4/3 (from Nor Cal). This place was pretty crowded with Brazillians and some others who always battled for the top spot. Then about ten or fifteen of the brazillians left, they all travelled together and god help the spot they fell upon. After that it was some Peruvians and maybe locals who weren´t as aggro but I still got dropped in on by guys with bigger boards, it´s funny cause they yell when they drop in on you, bastards! The wave is pretty mellow but you might want a bigger board for the hell paddles against the current and position and maybe to make the first section before it spills over. I had a 6´3¨and felt a little like a victim when the bigger sets came and I couldn´t hang with the pintail crowd. 6´6¨-7´, I think this is good size for Peru but you will also want a small wave board for sure and maybe a minigun but I would rather be at Chicama if there was one good swell. After the Engine section (its not a rock) the wave is butter. I spent most of the time alternating between hard cut-backs on my backside for the medium waves and and racing to make the early sections on the outside sets. Sometimes I would see perfect long and walled waves but you usually had to battle to get them. This place is getting crowded though, so do everyone a favor and come by yourself or with one other guy. Stay at Hostal Centennial or Sol y Mar for dirt farmers (nice living room setup if you´ve got a few guys) Eat at Polleria Lucero one block from the main street and the hotel on the water has a good Tortilla Española for cheap.

By wilocoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , 03-06-2003

Big train!!!!!!!! - Good, good, a really good wave. Big, long, adrenaline, speed, tubular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is like driving a big train!!!!!!!!!!!

By , 01-03-2003

Pics & info in Spanish - See 'Pacasmayo en fotos' at
& 'Literatura Peruana' (Only Spanish, but the site is more general than just literature) at

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