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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Peru, North

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By anonymous , 04-12-2004

welcome to el faro - Im the oldest local here in pacas...every surfer is welcome here, just respect the locals....the best ones are for us ok!!!!!....good luck

By Steve Canberra , 27-11-2004

Hey kid - Kid from rio,

You want respect? You have to earn it. Try showing up alone or with only one other person, paddle out with a smile and a mellow attitude, not in typical Brazilian fashion with a ton of people, amping out, dropping in and being way too aggresive. This type of scene has become all too common around the world. You want to be competitive then go try out for the world tour. Most surfers are hungry for waves but want to have a good time without a lot of hassling. So wake up and try giving some respect before expecting that you've earned it.

By anonymous , 16-10-2004

The kid from Rio - I was in Pacasmayo this year. I think that people are getting angry about the Brazilians like me. We go to Peru, and catch good waves, we are really good surfers (The brazilians and the peruvians especially the locals are the best surfers at Pacas), we are also very competitive surfers and we are hungry for waves. This is why I am starting to see several messages here complaining about the brazilians surfers at Pacas, Do you know what?? The people who write that are simply VERY JEALOUS OF US. What´s the matter with you guys? Did any brazilian stole your girl?? RESPECT US!!!!

By Jeffrey , 13-10-2004

peru = good! - nice spot, but the brazilians think they are entirely too cool. the local peruvian people are nice and friendly, but the brazilians are weak. they cant really surf but and will kook in on your wave without even knowing what they are doing. just wait for them to get churned to shore in the foam when they cant duckdive the big sets

By Roberto , 17-09-2004

Don't Come Yankees ! - The best waves in Peru! Very long and just a few crowd. Lot of brazilian and the local guys are friendly. If you are an american don't come! Go to costa Rica! If you hate so much the brazilians, stay at your country. Pacas is a place for us brazilians and our Peruvian friends. If you are brazilian, stay at the El Mirador. The best food in Pacasmayo.

By Peruvian kow-how , 20-08-2004

longer than chicama???.... who said that?? - who said Chicama is the longer wave in the world??

The thing is that when a really big-big southern swell reaches the peruvian shores, Pacasmayo breaks 4 meters plus (about 12 feet) and the wave really has no end... its longer than chicama,and, of course, much bigger, a 4 m. + wave longer than chicama!!!! it seems the wave is going in direction to the east- in direction to Australia, and not to the shore.. its amazing ... you need a 7'4" minimum...
You just have to be here in the right time... only breaks 2 or 3 times like this in all the year,,,
i surf it like this only once, about 4 years ago..
i'm from Lima and always travel there when I can...

By anonymous , 30-03-2004

no title - very good wave, had the best rides in my whole life at pacas - el faro. locals are friendly people. would like to thank the "los faroles hostal" crew, carlos, jessica and sonia, very nice folks. the food there was the best i ate in the whole peru (big tasty meals), and the hamacs and ping pong were great for some after-surfing relax. i sure will be back there.

By anonymous , 20-03-2004

no title - i am at pacas right now. 4 days of good to very good surf.
very long wave, much heavier, stronger and bigger than chicama, although not so long.

very goos spot

By Yo Hairy Mama , 15-09-2003

You know you want it - I guess I got what I deserved...two months of swell, blah blah blah hahaha. The reason Pacasmayo locals can't surf is they spent all night at Taberna pulling lines.

By punta hermosa , 13-09-2003

Big mouths but bad surfers - The local Pacasmayo surfers can`t surf. They are unfortunately an embarresment to all Peruvian sufers. Everyone in our country knows this(and the world) They talk very loud.

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