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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Peru, North

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By , 04-09-2005

if you are coming to peru and want a board... - I have a 6 3 shand dorian surftech in really good condition trying to sell, im staying in pacasmayo so i could email you pics of the board, trying to get 200bucks

By FLACO , 10-08-2005

one month in pacas - i stayed here for one month and scored it epic several times. it truly is an amazing wave not to be missed and i lost 20 pounds from all the paddling.. i stayed in the jukes but the place to stay is las faroles. cheaper and nicer.

the line up was usually pretty cool with lots of waves to go around. the only problem was a FEW brazillians acting up. some of you guys need to mature a bit and realise we are all there to surf. everyone else there was cool as fudge.

By anonymous , 20-07-2005

Sol Y Mar hostal - If you're on a budget, I'd recommend staying at Sol Y Mar which is in the urbanization closest to the point. The owner is this cool old guy named Diego from Trujillo who runs the place with his wife. I paid ten soles a night ($3 a day) and you get to use his kitchen too. Each morning at sunrise he'd have water boiled already for my pre-surf coffee. Buena onda en Pacasmayo, muchos Brasileros, pero toda la gente es buena.

By anonymous , 29-06-2005

- Yesterday there were thirty (30) surfers in the water, it was about head high. 20 of those surfers were together and u guessed it they were Brazillian. Any other questions?

By Piedra Verde , 13-05-2005

EL FARO PACASMAYO !! THE BEST TO STAY!!! - Never thought El faro was so great! Stayed at the best place too. EL FARO RESORT!!!!
Wind angle perfect for, LONGEST WAVE TOO....

By anonymous , 25-01-2005

el faro - HEY!! EL FARO IS AWESOME!! hehehe i advise u to go to duke kahanamoku, a very good and small motel for surfers, they give u wetsuits and boards

By Guy from Lima , 05-01-2005

Brasilerito maricon - This wave is for us the locals ,,,, and we locals hate "la brachicada" which means groups of 10 to 15 brazilians hanging together and surfing toguether ,,, so please stay at home or go to Costa Rica,,,,
Americans and brazilian chicks are well accepted in Pacasmayo,,,but fking brachicada stinks

By , 30-12-2004

Good wave, mellow vibe, but Brazillians? - I camped at el faro for two weeks and got it double overhead and empty all day for the whole time. A few locals, but no aggro Brazillians. The biggest day there, I timed a locals wave at over 3 1/2 minutes. Pretty mushy on the inside, but the outside paddle out spot gets hollow. It would be a shame if the Brazil nuts are really destroying the vibe of this place like some of the other spots that I have been to. I know you guys usually mean well, but smiles only go so far when you snake and hustle guys on every wave. As far as Brazillian guys stealing American girls...KEEP 'EM, we prefer brazillian chicks.

By PNW Surfer , 27-12-2004

hola amigos! - hola amigos! i will be spending january/february in your beautiful country, around the pacasmayo area, and was wondering if this spot or spots around here will have good waves? i understand it is better to go more north around this time of year? anyway i will be spending a majority of my time in the pacasmayo/chicama/poemape area and a wondering if i will be getting good waves??? anyone care to share some information it would be greatly appreciated!!! hasta luego amigos and i look forward to seeing you anyone in the lineup!!

By pacas locals , 04-12-2004

brazilian girls - this is for brazilians surfers....if you dont bring brazilian girls to are not welcome

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