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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Peru, North

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By Anonymous , 02-11-2007

Desert dweller - Still cold,windy and foggy all day mate. Pack your steamer. Like most of the year, don't expect much sun. Bit depressing actually. You'll be wishing you were somewhere warm and tropical, trust me.

By Anonymous , 19-07-2007

temps - how warm is the water in the area around september? i am planning a trip and wondering what kind of artillery to bring

By Anonymous , 21-09-2006

- Sorry that you got your stuff robbed. Pacasmayo felt pretty safe to me generally, but I think most of Peru can be pretty sketchy. With that said, Pacasmayo is an insane wave, but it needs to be about 6 to 7 feet on the face to work properly, otherwise the face feels kind of flat. I caught it at 12 foot faces, and it was so sick. It's such a perfect wave, that at 12 foot it was fairly easy to surf. However, it's not a wave I'd want to surf everyday because of the crazy ass paddle and the crazy currents. Most people seem like they can only surf it for about 2 hours or so, before they go in from super tired arms. In all, an amazing wave that does need a bit of swell, but you better be Lance Armstrong to endure the marathon paddling sessions. A great wave that's pretty intense; not exactly all fun and games like your average Cali wave.

By Al , 12-09-2006

- just a word of caution. my girlfriend and me went to check out the waves at the point the other day. on the way back two dudes with guns held up our moto and took some stuff off us - my wallet and her camera. Not much of value but still not a great feeling having a gun jammed into your scone for 10 minutes. our fault in a way for taking anything to the beach. I´d say dont take anything except your board and wettie. Other than that experience the people we´ve met are friendly and the waves are good (but long paddle). not trying to give the place a bad name just saying be a bit smarter than we were

By Derek , 25-08-2006

El Faro Resort - I recently visited Pacasmayo. I stayed at a very cool place called EL Faro Resort. The property is very nice. There is a great pool, nice, clean rooms, hot water, and a very good restaurant. To my knowledge, it is also the closest hotel to the surf spot (however, El Faro point is still a good hike away; I ended up taking a mototaxi from the resort to go surfing).
I enjoyed the surf a lot, but I liked the waves at Chicama more. However, I am glad that I went to Pacasmayo.

By , 14-08-2006

pacas trip - I will travel by myself to pacas from Lima on the 12 of september and 'd like to stay a month there!any ideas to get good surfboards and good place to stay?keep chilling and surfing all your life!

By puerco loco , 03-08-2006

desert trash hole - i thought i could handle the place, got a wave that had my legs aching and swept me almost back to town, the wave i could handle, the people were really nice,but that town is one of the ugliest shit holes i have ever seen, and the long long walk out to faro from town through trash filled dunes and dead dogs made me promise not to return too soon,so if you have endless tubulars lefts dancing in your head,then go,just remember the place that surrounds a great wave is just as important as the wave itself

By Anonymous , 09-06-2006

Mediana! - no te preocupes por el tamaño de la tabla sino por el físico que vas a necesitar. La entrada es por el lado derecho por una playita de piedras en la que todo el mundo parquea debajo del FARO. Pacasmayo revienta casi todo el año, así que no te hagas tantos problemas por la fecha. Chekea una crecida norte y listo. Lo que sí es cierto es que hay una corriente maldita, así que si ves que te jala para el puerto trata de agarrar una ola y salir a la orilla y latear de nuevo a la entrada debajo del faro, remar en contra de esa corriente es simplemente criminal! Lleva dos tablas por lo menos (corta y mediana), nada de tablones porque la ola es bien rápida!

By Anonymous , 07-06-2006

worth going in January? - Does Pacasmayo get swell in Jan? If not then where should I head to?

By anon , 01-06-2006

hello my friends pacasmayo is crowded - getting very busy

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