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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Peru, North

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By PERU , 22-07-2007

! - Nunura used to be one of the best spots in Peru , it's not breaking anymore since 2 years ago when they made the scallop sea farms which interupted the sand cycle beware and take notice people are selling tours there , you'll basiclly camp in the middle of the desert where either there's no surf or there's super fast unmakable waves . They will tell you it's not it's day . Honestly go somewhere else instead .. like Lobitos , Pacasmayo , Mancora etc

By Carlos , 21-07-2007

Nunura is a rip off - Been going there for years for surfing , and diving , Nunura used to be really good , but since they did the scallop sea farms the sand cycle has stopped , all sand is gone , now it's so deep it doesn't even break when it's huge . Other spots around are fast and sectiony and imposible to surf when it's big since currents are so strong . Puerto Rico the fishing town near by is so far from authorities it's usually frequented by outlaws working as estibadores( they bring down fish from the boats ) and are a threat to anyone . A friend of mine had a 12 000 $ camera amongst other things , the thieves went at night by boat .
Go to the safer better places like Lobitos ( 5 hollow points at walking distance ) and Pacasmayo

Travel safe

By surf it brah , 14-04-2007

Nonura,punta faro trips - hello all you liquid people, im goin to nonura regulary so in case anyone wanna surf it , just give an email.
hablamos :


By , 19-08-2005

Access to Nonura by boat - I have a working relationship with family who has a boat in Bayovar 15 KM away. I was told sundays are best and it would be almost $90 US each way. My goal is to bring in people with dunebuggies or 4X4 and build accomedations. They have a cellphone and I have an employee if you want someone to go with you. This is truely a special place!

By , 09-05-2005

Nonura or really Punta Shode - I bought usofructo or possesion to protect this virgin beach. I'd like to build some services and put in a well. If you notice the signs "zona reservada", I'm the one who put them up. I thought I'd start with the cave and do a little building. If you're interested in joining this venture or have any comments let me know. There is a hollow right in the afternoon winds and classic easy long board waves from Punta Faro to Punta Shode. I have a 4X4, 3 dunebuggies, Sea-Doo and a house in Chiclayo 21/2 hours away. There's a place for an airstrip and all kinds of potential. The only thing out there is a scallop producing operation which is down wind. The bay with little coves and granite cliffs make a perfect place to land a boat. Always consistant and a lot of fish.

By Ricoi , 22-06-2004

Nonura love - among the 5 best waves of the american continent for sure

By Soul Brasilian Surfer ! , 06-02-2004

Just perfect .... - Real hard to find , needs a boat or a hard trip with an all terrain car in desert ( with the properly permission from the petroperu )to arrive at the point. The wave is magical, but the place is radical.... a beach with bones ....

By anonymous , 11-11-2003

Rafael Goldsteing - Just like Indo...or may be be better??.....big strong ppowerful sets though and a very strong current, other than that this waves gets up to 14 feet with big tubes.....bring a jet ski is you can.

By Jim Rockford , 05-06-2003

Guerilla Point? - Has this place also been called Guerilla Point or is that somewhere else?

By wiloco , 07-05-2003

one of the best in Perú - This wave is 5 stars is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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