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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Peru, North

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By Anonymous , 20 Jun

was there in 1995 - with my peruvian friend. he said there were no crowds. he was wrong. it was way too crowded then, and man did everyone suck. there are lots of othe left points/reefs worth checking out in northern peru

By ivans , 11-02-2010

Mancora Sucks - Too many people in the water, very inexperienced which can be problematic. The locals are the worst of peru, and whoever may be local when using a ten foot longboard. Beware that you pass overhead with their longboards, I do not recommend it for more than having a good reputation, go to huanchaco or lobitos wherever they're going to go better. mancora sucks. The night is always the same (if you want it go to lima o montañita in ecuador). Be carefull with the police, the want your money and may cause you trouble.

By Anonymous , 29-07-2007

You can rent or buy a board easily - Decent places to stay with lots of hotels but don't expect uncrowded waves especially around holidays. I was there over New Years and never had a wave to myself. Better off renting (really cheap, like $7-8 for a day with surprisingly lots of choices) venturing outside of Mancora during the day and coming back to stay overnight. I was even considering buying one of their better used boards and then selling it back when I left. Prices were around $100-150 US. Probably would've been about the same as renting.

By Anonymous , 22-03-2007

enough is enough - I have been coming to Mancora for years, and it is sad to see the decline in the manners used in the lineup. It used to be fun to surf there, you'd wait for your wave, you'd get it, and have fun with it, rinse...repeat. Now you wait longer than expected because people monopolize the break, and should you happen to get a good shoulder and position, there are at least 3 guys dropping in on you to snake it away. Too much of a hassle, go to Huanchaco instead, better waves, smaller crowd.

By Anonymous , 17-03-2007

what are they thinking down there? - They must be really stupid or something, have they got Tamales inside their brains? or frijoles?

By Anonymous , 12-03-2007

you take the words out of my mouth!!!! - The locals are unfriendly, drop in on everybody and when you yell em off or pull one off your wave by the legrope like i did you get punched, and if it would be a real punch for a real reason it´be cool, but they punch like sissíes, they surf like ladyboys, and those girls with iron faces definitly need to get banged, they only understand english when it is in their own best interest, it´s a sad sad thing, i have one piece of advice for everybody who wants to go there, just don´t bother, skip this place on your trip, it´s not worth visiting, even if it would be empty the wave isn´t that good, so let them have it, let everybody´s buisness bleed to death as the locals chase away the last travelling surfer who wants to spend his cash, i hope some of them would read this and realise that they are killing this place, but they are probably illiterate, if i had a hotel or a shop or so at a surfdestination and i knew my kid or my cousin or his friend or what not, messed up a surfsession of one of my paying guests i´d start a fued and brake his board right there and then, but they are too dumb and lazy to understand that, and it is not just the fault of that one macho nacho-eating egotripping nitwit with pussy-punch, it is all of them who allow for shit like that to happen, it is all of them who have no respect for surfing, no Aloha here, no Pura Vida, it is not in their dictionairies, sad but true!!!!!

By Anonymous , 21-12-2006

- Same here. Heard rave reviews so spent a week here in december.. despite meeting most of the locals in the evening (and they´re only friendly when you want to buy something) they´ll have no bother dropping in on you everytime. Line up is to crowded, 25 people for a single break. Nightlife isn´t great and is full of a lot of Lima posers, stop by for a weekend then find an empty break just a short way down the coast

By marcone, con il bastone, biatch , 20-12-2006

Duuude, u are so right! - Cheers mate, these surf bitches got issues foe sure!!!
Man, i am not the best surfer, and i fucking like surfchicks ripping like hell.
But please, please, someone in Mancora please bang these chicks. tHEY SURF WITH SUCH FROZEN FACES AND DROP IN ON everyone..
Girls( or should i say boys?) if you read this:
When have you lost your love for surfing...? I hope i will never end up like this!!
But the rest was faaat, glassy mornings with just 2 guys ( i think one of them was a girl) and over head !
hmmmmmmm, overhead!!!

By Perupoo , 01-11-2006

Local wannabes - I couldnt agree more with that last comment about surfing mancora, Ive been surfing here for a week getting a few waves and being generally respectful, I have been dropped in on almost every wave. I dont mind locals taking the odd wave but none of them are actually locals just imports from Lima and elesewhere with a lot of money. Plus they dont just drop in they completely snake the s*** out of everyone, in particular the 2 haggard looking leather lesbians who think they own the place because they work for the surf school.

By , 04-04-2006

haha - I've been to Mancora a few times, and there seems to be an unspoken drop-in rule at Mancora: if they drop in on you and you don't call them off, then its fair game. Call em off and they'll ususally back down...And to the last guy who posted, what the fuck are you expecting, MTV spring break and a Mcdonalds on the beach??fuck, its a small surf town in Northern Peru, not some people, relax and have some beers...And what you said about the locals is total bullshit...I was broke as shit, and didn't meet one local who wasn't cool...Mancora is a super cool town, has awesome people, and fun crowded waves...If you're really there to surf, stay in Mancora, but take day trips out to all the MUCH better and less crowded spots...respect Peru and it'll show you a good fucking time...Jimmy.

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