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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Peru, North

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By lucas , 03-02-2005

- great spot, works ok on either north or south swells but on the north swells you can't surf el hueco.
there's a good place to stay on the cliff overlooking the wave run by darwin and noemi, two really cool people...check out darwin's backside barrels

By surf patiperro , 15-10-2004

Pregunta - Optimal swell direction for this spot?

By anonymous , 12-08-2004

- Great wave, very quick and good barrels. Ive once surf it and enjoy it a lot. Beside if you find lobitos too weak for you, then you can go and surf el hueco wich is 5 steps from there. Thats a great wave very big, powerfull and insane barrels almost like Cabo Blanco.

By Larry Con , 07-08-2004

EL HUECO & LOBITOS FUSSION - When the surfing conditions are extremely good, for example in times of "el Niño", the wave of el Hueco ends up in the shores of Lobitos, THEY FUSE INTO THE SAME FUCKN WAVE!! It's really amazing when this happens, not so oftenly but it sure does (october and november best time to surf it). I beleive that most peruvians surfers who have surfed in the north for some time will tell you that when this happens it definately becomes in one of the BEST WAVES OF OUR WHOLE COAST, no doubt that qualifies for 5 STARS TOTALLY EPIC.

By roob , 12-04-2004

lobitos - surfed lobitos on a south swell. It´s an adrenaline wave at 6 foot. Under 6 foot it´s a full, fun wave. Real men go across to el hueco.
Cheap, good place to stay right on the point.
Moderately crowded.

By Punta hermosa local , 05-04-2004

Miguel Kleeberg - very good tube. surf it before going to Panic Point or Cabo Blanco...Herradura is also a must-surf wave.

By , 08-11-2003

Lobitos - Puta que tal Ola carajo!!! ya iré conchasumare pa tomar fotos acuaticas!!!!

By , 21-03-2003

lob itos rocks - probably the best waves of my life
big up tito delhi best surfer in the north
top ceviche up in the town

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