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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Peru, North

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By anonymous , 13-03-2006

June 06 - Hola, Tengo planeado viajar a la zona en junio 06. Les agradeceria si me aconsejan acerca de tamaño de tabla llevar, traje (si es necesario), clima, precios de comidas y hospedajes y por supuesto como son las olas en esa epoca. Gracias a todos! Sergio Hello, I will go there in June 06. I will apreciate advices about board size, wetsuit, weather, prices and places to sleep and eat, water temp, and the most important...waves! Thanks wannasurf people! Sergio

By escobar , 03-11-2005

left hand of lobitos,dreaming - ones of the best points to catch a long pipe and later ordering all the type of maneuver swell small e great e of south the west can go that it goes to tube, to put many Limeans go for their when swell and really great and crowd increases very, to put has much wave in this peak, more good left in this spot of southwestern , south.

By nich foundation , 23-08-2005

big up lobitos - was in lobitos in february cranked most days
big up tito abel ,sergio ,gustavo and the whole tallara crew nice relaxed people ,stay in tallra or at the hostel eat at hala bar in tallara ..
tito rips
bless up nich
give the kids on the beach your board for a wave

By anonymous , 11-08-2005

- spent a month in this place, the hotel on the hill was ok but the staff there were into ripping of your stuff, begging and peddling drugs on you. not nice when 4 of them come in your room every day and blatantly go through your stuff. to be fiar tho nioami and darwin were on to it and sacked them all. GOOD! there are other better options. ask around in the old town plaza by the pier. speak to el capitan

as for the waves. lobitos point tubed every day i was there but only on a certain tide and for about 20-30 minits per day. bettween the pier and the swimming pool is a super hollow heavy close out that will snap your board. piscinas is alsways good but its a short ride, often holow. hueco on its day, right out at the end of the rocks is a hollow spitting tube. very heavy, right on some dangerous rocks.

there are other waves around here.

it is possible to live on $2 per day here

By Hollandland dude , 04-08-2005

- Well, all I can say is that I fucking loved Lobitos. Was staying in Mancora to be able to drink some beers at night and have a little chat with the ladies, and of course to get my 6 o clock in the morning, waves for my self surf- in Mancora, After breakfast we went to Lobitos together with Fonchy, a crazy old Peruvian surfdude who takes you to Lobitos for 10 bucks each in his surf van that drives on Gas ("ECO!!" to speak in his words). After Lobitos and all went to Chicama, had it good, had it big and had it long but must say that it was getting borring to surf waves longer than one K and having to walk back the whole end to the point, not to mention the cramp in my legs. Been to Hunchaco, Pacas Mayo, Lima, Punta Hermosa and San Bartolo. (and whole Chile) But Lobitos is my favourite, for sure! Nice weather, water not too cold, no crowds and a nice powerfull long lefty! Aaaagh. Chau, from Colombia where the powder is great but the waves just dont seem to excist..

By some dumb Californian , 11-07-2005

a fair summary - I stayed in lobitos for a long while, and had a really good time, but I think people might be hyping the place a bit too much! First off, the superbank claim: calling it a reverse superbank is way too much! I've surfed both, and the wave itself is honestly nowhere near as perfect as the superbank. The crowds: Lobitos doesn't have the 300 surfers, but when there are 20 or more out, and 5 or so who absolutely own the place, you'll find getting a good wave a bit of a task. Most actual locals (Talara) are very cool, but a good portion of the Peruvians who frequent the place are super super competitive! Kind of a bummer. The Barrels: as for all of the barrel claims, I have this to offer...generating speed adn getting some turns in is what you'll likely be trying to do, not pulling in. Lobitos is a fun wave that you will be a bit disappointed by if you're expecting to get it barelling, like it is shown in some of the photos...several of the photos are obviously el hueco. El Hueco is a psycho tube, but you'll have to get a little lucky to score there...tide, sand, wind, and swell dependant.

Overall, a fun place, one that I hope to return to, but not the be-all end-all for someone who has travelled a bit. Hope I didn't bum anyone out, I just wanted to bring you all back to earth.

By anonymous , 21-06-2005

- you have the superbank, right? now, grab a mirror and have a look at the reflection, take 500 fuckers out of the water, and you have LOBITOS perfect left barrels pealing over a nice sand bottom.

By ozsurfer , 22-04-2005

the sand is in in 2005 - Locals tell me that Lobitos is better than it usually is in 2004-5 because there is a huge body of offshore sand moved up the coast from recent El Ninos (1998, 2002?), sand which is right over Lobitos now. They say it is moving north, and has been for some years, and should get to Mancora in the next year or so. From all reports Ive heard Lobitos right now is 4 or 5 stars, not three, but once the sand goes, probably back to 3. Look out for lots of sand at Mancora soon.

By Basque Country , 16-03-2005

best wave ever surfed - I surfed it last year (July) and it was simply perfect! Been there for a week, perfect conditions every day! The best rides of my life! If it´s small go to La Piscina, inside the militar base (get the pass and go for it), another videogame wave, 1´5 perfect meter! If u want to eat an excellent ceviche go to the village and knock any door!!!!!!!!

By happy english surfer , 12-03-2005

best of north peru - was at lobitos in november - small but perfect long barrels - here in march, waves are much bigger, when the winds right it the perfect spot, when its not its still good - only a crowd when is really good - but all the locals are super friendly and theres a great place to stay right on the cliff - get a collectivo from talara and get the driver to drop you off near the surf camp - enjoy the waves and enjoy your stay

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