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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Peru, North

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By Anonymous , 27-06-2007

Jose Antonio is cool - In response to the previous message on Jose Antonio: I had a very different experience with his place. To me, they were super cool. We also had an expensive camera package, and we stayed at his place for 10 days with NO PROBLEMS. Jose Antonio, Nina and Lucho were all super cool, and Lucho is a great cook. Yeah, Jose Antonio is Christian, but he never tried to convert me or anything. They´re all very respectful. As for the waves.... I was there a few years ago and very few people. This year, it was very crowded by Peruvian standards (25 people out on good days). But a nice place... but don´t expect to surf alone anymore, as there are tons of Tablistas now.

By shralpin' el mundo , 25-06-2007

good call - word!!! good call on the people in the hostel in front of the point. those people are sideways for sure. after every surf its always nice to see that all of you stuff has been plunderend through. even one of my mates had about $300 stole from his bag. there are better places to stay for half the price in lobitos. strait up dodgy is the only way to decribe that place... our room didnt even have a window or a way to lock the door. WTF bro???the only advice i can give is avoid these people and there cruddy place. oh yeah... it seems that everyone that i have spoke to says the same thing about this place. so i guess they dont discriminate, yep, thats right they will shit on anyone who comes to stay. oh the surf is unreal so if your in peru you gotta go.

By , 23-06-2007

YA BUTT? - u know what.....traveling is an adventure...especially in third world countries...i have found peru to one of the most beautiful places in the world...besides the waves , culture, ect...the people are some of the most wonderful i have ever met..and is one of the main reasons i will go back..your in a third world country bra!!...people are trying to feed travelers from maybe places more fortunate u need to be vigil and empathetic....maybe you should take a look at your own behaviors.....i quess we wont be seeing you back there again....ok.....te amo peru....possibly the first surfers in the world , and definantly some of the best....out4now

By you know who this is! , 08-06-2007

good waves... shitty people - well... lobitos pumps and thats the truth, but beware there are some real shit bag people there. DONT stay at the hostel in front of the point. they are theives and will do anything they can to rip you off in any way they can. just dont trust them, or better yet just dont go. everyone i have talked to says the same thing. also dont stay with jose antonio "the christian surfer" he is also a scam he cares only about money and is out to rip you off as well... example i was leaving the place and 2 friends of mine were staying there and wanted to go back to punta hermosa with me on the bus. jose claims that he called the bus station and that there was no room on the bus... it was a lie. he is just as bad as the other people on the hill in front of the point but he hides behind this "praise the lord" front. DONT trust him either. ok how about some good stuff! the surf fires, and i have never been skunked there, and have been many times. possibly the best waves of my life were in lobitos. just watch your back when you go and avoid these 2 places and you will be fine. i really hope you read this gustavo, jose antonio, and any one else up there who is so set on fucking people over... never again. karma is real and you will get yours one day.

By , 23-05-2007

dont go! these waves are not worth your life - We were robbed by gun point May 13th 2007, everything was taken, and the police did nothing about it. Not only were we robbed, we were robbed in a cab on the highway to lobitos at mid day. This place is not safe or worth your life or possesions. We later learned that earlier in the year a German surfer was shot dead while trying to resist a mugging set up exactly the same way we were mugged. The year before the same crooks killed three people including the cab driver in a similar incedent.
Huanchaco to the south is safe with no crowds if you want to surf northern peru.

By Anonymous , 25-04-2007

dangerous place - A few people got killed at the beach last year when I was there...waves were messy for a week...not a good choice
Watch out!!

By Gene , 21-09-2006

Best wave ever - In terms of sheer fun factor, this is the Best wave I have ever surfed and I've surfed all over the world. Lobitos is so damn perfect, it looks like it was made by a machine. very hollow, steep and breaks at the perfect speed. An easy barrel that kind of reminds me of Bingin in Bali, but 3 times as long and breaks over a sand bottom instead, and with an average crowd of 6 people instead of 40. A wave that makes you feel like you're a much better surfer than you are. The town of Lobitos is pretty minimal, but it's still really cool in it's own way. I loved this place. Good place to get away from it all.

By Julito , 12-06-2006

talara'95 - I leaved there for a year 95-96 and i used to surf almost everyday that area ,there was nobody there,i surfed amazing waves ,my favorite place was Baterias ,i cought sick 10ft waves there,during that year i broke two boards and almost drown one time.
Its true on an epic day you can catch a wave on "el hueco" all the way to "Lobitos",i have done it,i also have cut my foot on that dammed rock on the middle of "El hueco","Punta arenas" some great closeout barrels,be carefull there are some scary oilpipes underwater infront of the villa by the refinery.Problably everybody knows now,there are a couple of good fast barrels between "Punta arenas and "Negritos" with the right swell you can see one
from the road Talara-Negritos.
Saludos to Titolo,Abel,Gustavo,Nelson and the great people from Talara,i gotta go back.

By anonymous , 08-05-2006

Skunked - I got pretty skunked here. Plenty of swell but the big ones were just breaking wide and then pushing too fat to ride onto the point before a closeout type right from the middle of the bay caught up and finished the wave. I guess the sand was all wrong. Sure it can be good though, just be warned that sand can move. Batterias was also fat, Piscinas was fun but a short wave.

Theres nothing at all to do in the town of Lobitos itself but eat and wait for the next surf. Bring small notes as change for bigger ones will be hard to come by. You can get there by taking a combi from Talara or catch a ride with some locals from Mancora.

By anonymous , 08-04-2006

a little sketchy - I was there in January, got a few waves. But right after I left I guess a pack of ladrones (theives) came through. They stabbed the security guard three times and took everybodys stuff at the surf camp. Be careful, its sketchy up in the north,some descent, often sideshore blown waves, but this isnt costa your back...

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