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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Peru, North

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By WAVES for Development , 13-11-2008

Education and Voluntourism in Lobitos - Our not-for-profit organization WAVES for Development has just started up ongoing educational programs for local youth in Lobitos following two successful pilot projects. Youth participate in swimming and surf classes and environmental conservation activities. We also offer programs for visiting travelers to contribute to the programs as volunteers. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.

By Anonymous , 06-08-2008

yeah right - man jose antonio from the so called christian surfers place is a total fake. he is nothing more than a vendictive person who hides behind this jesus front while he is stabbing you in the back. total p.o.s.

By Anonymous , 15-07-2008

Bueno olas - I stayed in lobitos for a couple of months, Awsome waves very consistant I surfed every day.Just don't stay at a guy named luises house he is super dodgy (long haird stonner who all ways weres a baseball cap looks like a big rat)

By Anonymous , 26-03-2008

Very nice spot - I stayed in los organos from march 14 to march 24, 2008. I went with a group of 20 guys so no one dared to do anything agaisnt us, very long wave and perfect, even when its small.

By tortuga , 22-03-2008

lost paradise - Lobitos used to be a nice place, but now it is impossible surfing it without a crowd (specially disrespectful brasilians that don't see what is wrong in coming 10 by 10 at a surf spot)
I also want to warn people that there is always something happening there, last time I was there, they stopped the combi from talara to lobitos with guns to take everything and this time a girl where I was staying got rapped by walking alone on the beach.

By EloB , 06-01-2008

You must meet him... - Have been in lobitos during ten days in nov 07. Really good and long waves, uncrowded and friendly locals in the most clear water have seen in my all trip in Peru. If you go there with a 4x4 you can easily find some nice spots in the desert, going north, on the road to Cabo Blanco.
If you go to Lobitos, you must go and meet JP from the "chrtistian surfers" association, in the Barrio central of Lobitos. He his giving surf lessons and environmentals warning to the poor children of the village. A very very nice and interresting guy, always friendly and good guide if you need any info about the region!
See you JP!

By Mat , 13-11-2007

Accomodation warning - Have ben to Lobitos many times, no problem whatsoever, until last week. Was with my girlfriend, staying with a guy named Luis (stoner, long hair always with a baseball cap). Went out for dawn patrol, my girlfriend woke up when someone was getting into her bed, she thought it was me but it was that pervert! She kicked him out and ran to the beach, by the time I got to the house he had ran away, left the house empty. He seemed like anice guy, lives in front of Fanucho (excellent place to stay), be warned.

By RAFAEL , 04-10-2007


By Anonymous , 31-08-2007

bro...sketchy as - Good fun wave and nice to get into warm water after surfing the southern points. BUT agree with some of the comments below. We stayed on the point in 2006 and were lucky to survive after 4 masked banditos kicked-in and ransacked the first 2 rooms (including ours) and shot our security guard 3 times. At least 30 rounds were let off outside our door and we were lucky not to be shot/killed. It was the second occurrence in 4 months. I have surfed many sketchy spots around the world and it is always a case of "wrong place, wrong time", but this is a frequent occurrence at Lobitos so be warned.


By pooops , 05-07-2007

Big. - I took a dump on the beach there, a dog came up and ate it, than i got barrelled!

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