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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Peru, North

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By Anonymous , 02-10-2009

good, but heavy winds, super crowded andsketchy - I've been wanting to make a tripfor year and finally made a trip recently to Peru, lobitos is pretty damn crowded and windy as hell, was pretty similar to an average crowd at trestles, as for the scenery, its a barren trips to costa rica or indo, would rather surf warm water tropical crowded waves than cold water crowded waves. It has a real sketchy feel too, felt like I was going to get robbed the whole time. Nothing happened to me, but some other travelers had their stories. I think its a good trip if you're doing a 5 month around the world, but otherwise, Peru's too blown up now.

By Anonymous , 23-09-2009

information about lobitos - hey guys foud a website that gives info about lobitos town (, found it very usefull and the frst to give details about lobitos travel, accomodation etc

By Anonymous , 08-09-2009

great wave, great crowds - Lobitos is a great wave and USED to be a great surf spot. Was there 4 years ago and there was 5 people or so surfing on a good swell. Now it looks like Trestles with 50 plus people on a good swell. The waves there are really good, but days of empty waves are done. As for it being dangerous, that's a crock of crap. Been to Peru several times, and usually with very expensive camera gear and nothing has ever happened. Just use common sense and you will be fine.

By Anonymous , 02-09-2009

not bad!! - Travelled there in a group of 5 girls in head height waves every security issues...friendly crowds and plenty of waves. Dont be a Brazilian in the surf, keep an eye out and be sensible with a bit of good luck you will be fine.

By Anonymous , 22-08-2009

lobitos sucks ass - this place has unfortunately become a victim of surf tourism... extremely busy and probably the most agressive line-up in peru. Then theres the dangerous shit, two guys bust into our room in the middle of the night with fucking guns smashed me in the face breaking my nose and needing 14 stiches, then proceeded to rob us blind.... police didnt give a flying fuck. a few days earlier some security guard got shot and killed. take my word for it DONT BOTHER coming here, plenty of other spots just as good all over peru and you're less likely to die elsewhere..

By Anonymous , 09-08-2009

used to be mellow now is fuckin crowded - Lobitos is crowded, Used to be uncrowded and mellow, know is about 60 guys in the water, at least 20 at the "mellow" times. I used to wake up at 6a.m. and surf for myself, know when I wake up that early I will find like ten guys getting ready at dark. Is full of americans and brazilians nuts that drop in on anybody, lot of hotels are getting buid so is gonna be just worst. But those are the good news, bad news are the danger of Talara that I experience personally. Beware of rubbers, I was left with no documents and money when thieves get into our public transport with automatic guns, no bullshit, I thought I was gonna be murdered what else can I say: FUCK PERU

By Anonymous , 30-05-2009

be careful - people always getting robbed here on the road out, talara is a very dangerous place. people always getting raped and murdered, and thanks to sites like this, its not any less crowded than southern california

By Anonymous , 20-03-2009

mELLOW , NO WURRIES. - nah , this place is great. Crowded sometimes but theres plenty of options and relaxed places to stay. Check out Jose on the left when you come into town .

By Kevin , 04-03-2009

Stay at Darwin's house - I spent about 5-6 weeks here and had an awesome experience. He lives in a blue house up from the pier and fixes boards. His wife, Naomi, cooks amazing food. Ask a combi driver or any local and they'll direct you to his house.

By Anonymous , 18-01-2009

Grande Peru - Surfed north peru for 2 months....epic waves, probably the best in the world. Lobitos is a great wave, the current in not so strong like in other areas. Peruvians ripe so be respectful. Crowds will be there, but fuck the brazilians thinking they own the place. Last, the food in the north was the highlight of the trip

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