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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Peru, North

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By bob , 02-08-2004

new york escape to chicama - quite a trip!! drove from lima, north, welcomed with 4 days of 6-8 ft.chicama perfection.....returned to lima, staying at punta hermosa, la isla hostel,great choice of breaks, from big pico alto, to el paso and punta rocas,etc. that should put a smile on anyone, enjoy !!!

By summer breeze in Peru. , 25-07-2004

real surfers - if you are a real surfer. You must go to Chicama at least once in your sorry ass life time. Nothing compares to this wave, nothing in the world...maybe Pacasmayo.

By anonymous , 25-06-2004

amazing - This place is absolutely amazing. No number of pics or vids prepare you for the place. A must go for every travelling surfer

By And snortin' while yer plugged , 10-06-2004

Keep Tokin' Mr. O'Toole - Here's how it works. You're offered drugs. You buy. The dealers inform thier police buddies, who summarily raid your room and find the drugs. They return the drugs to the dealers, then put you in the police car. They then tell you that you can settle your infraction on the spot by paying a fee, in cash to them. If you refuse, they will take you to a jail cell you do not want to be in, and keep you there for weeks or months until your rellies or embassy bails you out. If you accept to pay the squad drivers, they'll suddenly up the 'instant bail' price, even including soem of your personal belongings if you don't have enough cash on hand. Let me warn you though- this is for pot. It's happened to some Aussies I knew whiel I was staying at Delphines. If you get caught with cocaine, I think you'd really be fucked. So, Mr. O'Toole, Mr. World experience in all things cool and risky, go ahead and go to Chicama and buy drugs. You may end up writing Midnight Express 2 whiel you're being plugged by an Inca Trail terrorist behind bars. Oh, but I get it- you're too cool and suave to be taken like that, and this is all paranoid ranting from some bubble-born Western baby. ha ha ha- I hope it works out for you.

By be safe , 06-06-2004

Chicama is dangerous - Never walk ontop of the hill at the top of the point. Two of my friends were robbed at gun point, tackled, and assaulted. The robbers too all there money and cameras. The robber were in a mototaxi and pretended to break down, and then pounced on my friends. This place is full of AIDS/HIV, as it is a fishing village with people coming and going, dont leave your towels drying out side your window, or wetsuits, as people will steal them. One of my friends was offered cocaine, and another pot, drugs are everywhere. Do not go out after sundown, you will get mugged. This is a great wave, at a great cost.

By anonymous , 24-05-2004

the best thing to do - the best thing to do if you want to surf chicama is to stay at pacasmayo in la estacion hotel which is really good or the pakatnamu one and surf there in pacasmayo which is almost as long wit twice the size and power, and if it gets too big for you then head to chicama, another option is puerto soledad (boat access only) and poemape

By Bill Ashfield , 16-05-2004

recent trip - I just got back from an extended trip to Peru during all the recent pumping swell. Went to Chicama, it was long but a little slow and mushy compared to elsewhere and really only broke with any size for a day or so. Also hit Poemape and Pacasmayo both had much more power and speed but got a little blown. Also surfed Cerro Azul (SP?) that was good as was Herradura (sp?)

By T-Bone . Santa Cruz. C.A. , 28-04-2004

Chicama, how much i love you. - Dude I have been in Indonesia and Puerto Rico BIG. But nothing has been like my trip to Chicama. I can still remember driving in the middle of the desert with my homies from Santa Cruz and getting the best view I’ve ever seen. Big long fucking endless waves. Few Australians and U.S east coasters were there with their mouth so wide open. We took pictures of that and called it VISION OF HEAVEN. No matter how good was Gas Chambers in Puerto Rico or how long was Uluwatu in Indonesia or how Hollow is Pipeline. Just like those waves I just mentioned Chicama is also a destination in itself. Peru surf is a destination in itself. If you want bigger waves go to Pico Alto or Panic Point (which by the way kicked my ass, but at least I surfed it big).

By anonymous , 23-04-2004

Any Movies - This place seems very fickle but there has to be some good footage of it. Does anybody know in which movie.

By Tom , 21-04-2004

But you have lost, Mr Slator - Every single time I go to Chicama during a huge south/southwest swell, when the right hours roll around for the tides, the place conencts all the way through, fast and with hollow tube sections as long as you might find in J-Bay or yes, G-Land. Of course, being more of a point break, the tubes aren't huge and wide like G-Land or Pipeline, but can get as long and clean as Kirra! I'm sorry you have not scored it this good. It happens often during big south swells (24 foot + buoys in July and August, sometimes June and September) when the point is 6-10+ on the face with nice, long-interval lines stacked to the horizon. One of the best waves in the world, and I can't wait to go back! For beginners only? Could they even make it out!? But I'm glad you say that- less crowds of big-headed aggro surfers like you who think you rip so hard but can't even plan a trip right or surf a real long and fast point break! You may be able to do flashy moves on your little beach break sections or get a big lucky barrel in Indo, but surfing a down-the-line point break will expose your true surfing skills AND lack thereof. No wonder you hate Chicama- the waves probably pass you by everytime you pull into the barral but don't know how to make it out so get drilled like the beginners you recommend!

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