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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Peru, Lima

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By Anonymous , 23-12-2008

About surfing - I´m currently staying in Chincha for the next 7 months or so and i would like to surf during this time. Where can i by a board and other equipment and since this beach isn´t good for beginners, is there another beach close that would be better to learn at?
Please contact me if you can help me!

By Anonymous , 14-04-2008

Ganchus - Yep all noobs are suggesting not to go surf there...yes stay away....This is beach is the best ive ever surfed but its reserved for locals and friends..or people with a friendly stay away if you bring nothing to the scene...

By , 22-11-2006

Peruvian surfer - Hi im peruvian and im from Lima, miraflores, and im going to totoritas for new year 2007. Is this a good wave to surf?? Is near there a nice wave i can find? I dont know, like Cerro azul for example. One question in spanish: ¿¿¿Cuan lejos revienta la ola de la orilla???. Thanks.

By , 26-12-2005

Buena suerte amigo de wanna surf - deseandoles feliz navidad y claro con esta pagina insentiven el turismo y suerte en el trabajo

By Clot , 05-10-2005

always surfable... - your best bet (maybe even your only bet) on flat days... it breaks ALWAYS...!!!

By aNOnimos , 26-09-2005

peor es la que no hay - This wave is not bad for the rich locals who live in the summer in totoritas, but you cannot compare it to really good waves like Punta Rocas, Herradura or even beachbreaks like Explosibles or Pulpos, which are no so far away from Lima and waaaaayyyyyyyyyy better ones, but like somebody said: the worst wave is that one that doesnt break....

By peru surfer , 30-08-2005

the worst beachbreak on the planet - dont go, it's the worst break on the planet. You'll waste your time with a bunch of local dogs, who think they rule. Windy, fat , sloppy , closed out, blown of on shore winds on this break every day.

By peru_surfer , 07-06-2005

porque ponen esta cagada? - esta playa es una de las peores en el peru, facil hasta la peor...da verguenza que la pongan en esta pagina!! SURFERS: THIS BEACHBREAK IS A PIECE OF $#%&!!

By vota , 06-06-2005

puaaaaaaj - Don't waste you time there!!!

By sandro , 06-04-2005

bad - bad wave never surf that bad ugly wave, surf something good no that

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