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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Santa maria

Peru, Lima

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By la banda de Luis Eugene!! , 28-04-2006

- santa rules! with a small swell is often choppy and you need to go close to the rock by el cangrejito, on a medium swell it can get very good.You have to be a local to catch it epic,its not usual.Fast,powerfull and hollow. For spongers its good at any time,for surfing better catch it on changing tide from low to medium or medium to high, sometimes when its high theres a rebound due to proximity to the cliff(el cangrejito)and shapes nice tubes, with a little delay for the close out.When its big,be carefull with your board and with "Asiiweooon!!" and the locals that will surely charge on every wave.Peace.

By anonymous , 27-02-2006

BODYBOARDERS - this wave is PERFECT for bodyboarding

By Dirty Muñon , 03-11-2005

Wipeouts - HOLLOW. My local beach: wipeout, wipeout, wipeout, wipeout and wipeout, but memorable. It is harder to be outside the tube than inside. Be careful with your fins getting out. Very hollow and powerful. After you surf 2 days you start feeling more comfrotable with any wipeout. Training for wipeouts. If fast, you can create nice, high aerials and then brake your neck. On big days it gets 7 feet and very hard to get in. Watch for your kids because there are many drowns. Better know the beach before surfing it. Board braking beach. Surf it with at least 3 friends because its dangerous if you get caught by the current. Memorable. (surf it on winters, can get a bit longer than usual near the cliff, el cangrejito.)

By and nothing but the truth , 09-08-2005

the truth - i dont care what anybody says. This place can get epic with the right conditions. Santa Maria can generate 6 to 8 feet hollow right barrels that dont close out but that have a close out section nevertheless the wave gives you enough time to get in and out the barrel so you can either bust a huge manouver from the close out section or you can pull out of the wave after being barreled.

By pedro , 06-04-2005

what? - bad wave never go there

By anonymous , 05-12-2003

Aaron Belmont - This wave is perfect for bodyboarders. It's a big closeout barrell, other than that...not worth it. Beautiful girls though. Big chance you will meet a peruvian goddess.

By The Surfer of OZ , 20-01-2003

As we were young... =O) (d.t.t.o.i.l. ... Andrea) - i never surfed in santa maria. but for sure i had my best experiences there...
since i went almost all sommers for hanging out and maybe taking a look to some of the most beautiful girls around Lima.

the waves?
well, i remember them just as very little, cool for body bording ...

but for sure, always nice to visit....and
there are some hidden areas around there,,,!!!!!!

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