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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Peru, Lima

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By beachbumsurfer16 , 03-11-2010

Pulpos - So, I have been to peru surfed a few different spots around lima. I stayed with my older brothers wifes moms house right on the beach at Pulpos. I stayed there for like a week staight, waves definetly not sloppy, there kinda of mushy given on the day but all around its an awsome beach break with some sick waves warning though shit can get heavy dont under estimate its power also really really be carful of the rip tides there are very strong other than that you got lovely porpoises chillin and a nice wave with not many surfers around but a lot of people in the summer time if your around this area check it out it might be fun

By Splaktar , 22-01-2008

Ugh. - Went to check it out today. There are lots of signs right as you enter (or exit) Punta Hermosa to the Panamericana, they point to both Pulpos and Arica beaches. Drove around for a good while and found that there is no parking anywhere near this beach. So the idea of 'instant' access posted above is not true. There are some stairways going down to another walkway to finally get to the beach, but you need to park a good deal away from the stairways as they are in 'resident only' areas. The waves themselves looked like a pretty good beach break, but there are too many other waves nearby that have much easier access. We spent about 45 minutes looking for the best way to get access near the beach with a car and didn't find anything better.

By Yo' , 02-02-2005

Barrels - On a good day almost every wave you ride will be a barrel. SInce the waves's max height is 1.5- 2 metres, then surfers will need to crouch to get barreled. Bodyboarders don't need to.
Perfect Rollos and some nice aerials too... Still, it's kinda hard to paddle in due to the rips.

By anonymous , 20-06-2004

- I just spent 2 weeks at Pico Alto International Surf Camp and was very impressed by the way Oscar Moronte runs the camp, and how good the waves were. The camp is all inclusive with surf transfers to the local surf spots, lots of good food, and comfortable hotel room with running hot water. The food was the best part of the camp, it was good and when ever i asked for mroe they gae it to me. No one ever left the table hungry, we always had enough food.
The surf is great, make sure to bring a 4/3 wetsuit for the winter there, a 3/2 wetsuit wont do the job, trust me i wore a 3/2 and was cold a lot. Be ready for long paddles and foggy conditions, mbut the best waves of your life, this place is great, the camp is only 35 bucks a night USD, so thats around 200 a week with eveything, a great deal, they even have free internet and a new TV with lots of surf videos.
Punta Rocas was my favorite break, is was an easy drop in with fast lines, wear booties if it gets big, just incase you get washed out on the rocks.
Shout outs to Pulpo ( this guy would die for guest at the camp, he is a very standup guy), Jesus ( a good picture taker of me surfing), Oscar Jr. ( always handled any situation that might arise), and Oscar Sr. for running a great camp, i will definately come back.
only eat what they give you a the camp, you will get sick anywhere else!!!!!!
the locals here are really nice too, always got smiles in the water from the local surfers.

By ghost , 14-03-2003

no title - those waves are a 3-4 star.............not one dufus


pulpos - pulpos is a very fun wave, better for bodyboarding, alot of hit sections , some times gets good barrels...

By Chris Daniel , 26-02-2002

Pulpos - Thanks Richard - At about 4ft this wave was shifty but fun. Decent drop. Lots of paddling. It´not very steep although an occasional section may be found in either direction depending on where you take off.

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