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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Pico alto

Peru, Lima

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By Ryan, NJ , 23-06-2003

La Isla Guesthouse - I was recently down in Peru (4/2003) and stayed at La Isla Guesthouse, located right in front of the rights of La Isla. The location, staff, food were all great and is centrally located to various breaks. I've heard nothing but good things about Pico Alto Surf Camp, but just want to say that this camp is great as well. Will definitely come back to La Isla Guesthouse again! But no matter where you stay, the surf will never disappoint you! Go Surf Peru, but respect the locals!

By anonymous , 23-06-2003

Check the following pics -

By , 14-05-2003

great waves in peru - hey yeah you surfer go to peru my country for ride the excellent waves you can go to tha best surf school in lima
pico alto surf camp you have excellent food, friends ,tours around the beach entr to and search pico alto

bye karen

By Jose , 26-03-2003

Punta Hermosa-Pico Alto - I spent a week at Pico Alto in early April of 2002. It was a remarkable experience. The surfcamp is designed to provide surfers with what they came looking for: surfing. They are serious about their business and provide great service. The staff is nice (Jesus and Pulpo, good surfers and nice, good people) and knows very well how to attend the needs of the surfer. The food is good and plenty. The house is not luxurious or even pretty, but it sure is clean, safe and has enough comfort to provide you the rest you need after extensive surfing. The surfing staff is cool and will take you (normally driving) at any time you want to the spot of your preference. If you don't feel comfortable with the wave, they will surf with you and will give you tips about rips, rocks and hazards. In the very unlikely event that you have a complaint, Oscar the owner will handle it immediately, because as a surfer himself he knows how valuable your surfing vacation is to you. There are at least 5 different breaks within walking distance and many others from 5 to 20 minutes driving. However, this is not a place for beginners. Overhead plus is standard and many spots (specially Punta Rocas) produce regularly double overhead sets. The wave is thick, fast and big. Also, the place is not pretty. There are hardly any trees for miles and the overall atmosphere gives a dusty, poor and dirty vibe. It can be unsafe at night and you should keep an eye on your back during the day. Nevertheless, that should not be a problem if you hang out with the camp staff or if you follow their advice on what is and what is not safe. In any event, don't bring your non surfer spouse. This a surf, only surf trip. Bottom line- if you are looking for surf, this is the right place and you will get plenty, but don't expect palm trees and white sandy beaches with cristal clear water. Pulpo, Oscar, I hope everything is well. The guy from Spain.

By , 08-11-2002

numero uno - oscar was great, pulpo was rad had a great trip surfed from punt roco to picasamayo ,,bermejo was best! aug 2002 peru has the best waves , no crowds or sharks ..wil return dont mis the amazon or macchuu picchuu ...... cusco rocks!!!!!!!! stokoned

By , 21-10-2002

can you please please please send me a copy of that photo - the one in the middle, shit that says it all...

By Jeff , 24-09-2002

The Real Deal - On my fifth trip to Peru, I spent ten days doing two sessions a day at Punta Rocas, Kon Tiki, etc. I surfed Pico Alto at 14+ feet, and even having gotten in good paddling shape, that set-up kicked my ass. Ridng the wave at Pico Alto isn't the issue, the wave itself deals it out nicely, and is a big fun wave. It's the paddle out, and staying in position in the take-off zone, and getting thrashed by the clean-up sets, that wear you out.

By gary , 09-08-2002

no title - Pico is insane. Its my favorite wave i surfed in Peru. I almost drowned out there .lots of water moving . big peaks

By Jay Ringa , 22-02-2002

Looks like Todos Santos... - Those are some awesome pics of Pico Alto. I've been to Norther Peru and scored some epic sessions. The point breaks are beyond comparison to anywhere else in the world - BETTER than Jefferies Bay, no joke. There are so many of them that no one spot is too crowded - just try and comprehend that!
Returning to thoughts of Pico Alto, I wish I had the balls to surf it, but I think it's beyond me! Anything bigger than double-overhead and I'll be watching on the shore! Still, that wave looks an awesome spectacle.

By anonymous , 20-12-2001

Pico Alto - Got a few, clean, epic waves. This place is freaky. The whole vibe is sketch. You can smell the cocaine cooking in the neighborhood kitchens at night. Be prepared to charge. Not for 90% of the surfers. Oscar is very nice and his staff is great. His son charges and showed me some real epic waves. I will return with the rest of the Nor-Cal crew this winter.

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