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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Pico alto

Peru, Lima

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By , 17-06-2004

when is the pico alto invita - hi i wanna know when is the pico alto invitational please answer me as soon as you can bye

By Billabong Peru - South americas headquater. , 12-06-2004

Billabong Pico Alto Inv. 2004 - Pico Alto 2004 invitational is due this month. As soon we get hit by the biggest swell of june the Billabong Pico Alto inv. will come out to life one more time. We will let you know on Radio 99.1 F.M la radio rock en Lima. Don't miis it

By just another LOCAL , 09-06-2004

I paid my dues - Good waves for the last 10 days, Saturday, I broke my 6'8"in Punta Rocas, I
should have gone out on a bigger board but that is what i took, mistake. The
waves were big but dooable on my 6'8", iwent out all the way to the point,
then a big set came in, pushed my board to the side and dove, when I came
up, only half board was there, bummer, i did not bring another board, went
back to Lima, and had a nice session on semi closed out pampilla with
my son, on my 10' single fin gun. Sunday the waves are bigger, picked up my
8'8 and my willis bro 10'gun. Got to Pico Alto, no one out, a couple of guys
had been towing in, and said it was good. Then a couple of guys appeared
with their guns, so we went in. It was 4 meters + and sets were taking some
time to arrive, so lining up was difficult at first, then we found the
point, and the first set came in, got a nice one, big drop, after a while, a
good set came in took of in the peak, the thing got big as i dropped in,
made the section , then a bowl formed at the end, probably 3 meters, I
pulled in, the thing sucked, and the tube was over me, then the thing came
down on me, I was standing up, I felt my knee and ankle twist, big pain, and
of course a bad wipeout. Came up with a big pain, I had to sit a side for a
while, and then paddled and got a wave all the way out, a friend help me get
out of the water because i could barely stand. To make the stoty short I
broke my fibula close to the joint, i am i a cast, and waiting to see if it
will be fixed without surgery. Worst case 6 weeks. What a weekend.

By anonymous , 13-03-2004

San Clemente, California. - I've seen Picto alto through the lens of Aaron Chang and it does look Big and powerful. Big wave although i think Maverick's still the shit. Pico Alto is more like a Waimea kind a wave, very good, and big. A wave that can take your life away with a big smile on your face. One of the 5 biggest waves in the world for sure along with Maverics in California, Waimea and Jaws in Hawaii, Killers in Mexico and Doungeous in South Africa.

By Blipper , 12-02-2004

Surf trip & HMB Boyz - Surf Trippers from Brazil: You are from Brazil and tehrefore you don't have a lot of money? That doesn't seem to make much sense to me, as Brazilian surfers are everywhere acorss the globe now, in droves, and they never seem to have to work, and always have a full quiver and time and money to burn to party, travel, and drop in on people at Pipe and elsewhere. For the Half Moon Bay dude... not sure what Flea told you, but as Tommie said below, these pictures look like a big but relatively mellow wave. Sure pictures can be decieving, but look for yourself and tell me what you think? As powerul as Mavs?

By Andre ( , 12-11-2003

surf trip - i'm going to peru with 2 friends for a 18-day surftrip in march/2004 and would like to know where's the best place to stay for surfing and partying. it seems like punta hermosa is the best option, but how about san bartolo and cerro azul? as we are brazilian, we do not have lots of money, so cheap (but safe) hostel would be just fine. how's the swell like in march? do we need to rent a car? thanks in advance!

By Mark Van Horn , 09-11-2003

From Half Moon Bay to Pico Alto - Hello there, im Mark Van Horn and i live in Santa Cruz, california. I surf in the Half Moon Area and i heard from Flea virostko who went down to Peru a few years ago that Pico Alto is truely South Americas MAVERICKS. Im in love with a peruvian goddess and i'll go down to Peru this winter to meet her parents. I wanna surf Pico Alto. Any tips anyone can give me, Like when is the best time to go down there?. 'cause when Flea went is was sooo flat. thanks a lot and long live big waves riders.

By tommie , 01-10-2003

looks big 'n' mellow - looks like a pretty mellow wave. 6' OB, SF is probably heavier than this place.

By You are a FUCKWIT , 30-09-2003

To The Writer Of The Last Post - What drugs are you on mate? Respect for local surfers (assuming it is returned in part) is universally accepted by true travelling surfers. You mentioned the word kook in your message. You should have signed off with the same word. Dickhead.......

By just surf , 01-08-2003

why? - Why must you fucking write "but respect the locals" at the bottom of your message. Who the fuck are you to tell surfers, who likely understand the concept of respect much better than you, what to do.
Did you just begin? Kook?

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