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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 26-03-2003

punta hermosa safe cheap housing and food - marita's in punta hermosa is your best and only budget option. run by a family who is super cool and mellow. has an awesome balcony with view of la isla punta rocas and kon tiki. some will tell you that you have to pay more to be safe but it is not true. 10$ per person per day with all food. really really good food! or 6$ without food! check it out and save some dinero.

By MariaReina , 16-01-2003

for davidm - well, maybe a good adress is just the academy of Magoo de la Rosa...u can find other surfers there..or just at the beaches in front of Miraflores (in Lima). For sure they're gonna help u, u know, helping each other around the globe!!its our SPORT!!!!
actually there was also another academy, i by a former Perú surfing champion, Maki(?)BLOCK.

So just go there, and if u can to Cerro Azul, a wonderfull beach!!

(where do u surf in the UK ?)

By MariaReina , 16-01-2003

Where is Perú?, let me tell ya: - WELL, in the south hemisphere,just under the equator.
and in front of Australia ...far away, but there are only the polynesian island between both continents.
(actually, maybe some spanish guys where before Cook there...or what about the TORRES (sp. towers) strait ?
Lima is in the middle of Perú, at the coast, kind of infront of Sydney (maybe Brisbane) to the east.
So the climate is very good!! great summers....
winter about 12°C (so take a wetsuit)
There are BIG waves which maybe is originated by the Humboldt-current. If not (im not a geologist or something)wait for the 'Niño-current' in summer...
very bad for all of us around the Pacific Ocean, but great for (RADICAL!!, otherwise keep your bal.. dude)surfers!!
There are also some backpackers hostels in Lima, maybe the best ones in Miraflores, part of Lima just infront of the beach.
visit Maria Reina

By MariaReina ;O) , 16-01-2003

Surfing Safari!!!!!!!!! - 16 Jan 2003

have u ever heard about the Beach Boys? or maybe Ernest Hemingway? if not, well just buy a cd, or read a book...whatever. But maybe your best decition will be to make your own experience!!!!!! So, go to north Perú and experience the great WAVES (i mean W.A.V.E.S) at Huanchaco beach. Or just around Lima, great beaches as Punta Hermosa or the LEGENDARY Cerro Azul (just HEAR what the BEACH BOYS recommend u!!!) Not forgeting the Amazing landscapes and great Waves in front of the desert ('mysterious Nazca lines') in south Perú
=O) Come on surfing down, everybody is learning how, come on and safari with me!!!!!!

By anonymous , 07-07-2002

peru - palabritas rocks

By CAYE , 30-03-2002

Las Palmas - Las palmas is a great place!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 17-01-2002

no title - Yo Luis Peña soy de Venezuela en el mes de Febrero voy a Peru a quedarme a vivir en Lima a estudiar en la universidad

By , 10-08-2001

novice surfing in peru - Hey

Looking for some inside info for a beginner surfer
visiting peru. any one who thinks they can help please
send me a mail

By Pisco , 09-03-2001

Jose Duany Cup - Surf Competition - The third round of the Peruvian National Championship is being held over the next three days on the beach-breaks (La Pampilla) of Miraflores in Lima.

The waves are not as consistent as last weekends swell, but we should see some great action out there, as the best rip it up.

By amorante1@yahoo,com , 19-01-2001

Put my Materials! - Hi friends, i send you photos an information about peruavian wave, i will be very happy if i can see it in your atlas soon. Please, don´t make me wait to much.....
Im going to send you more information, surfin in Peru is great.

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