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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By anonymous , 28-06-2004

peru - the waves around lima are nice and can get very good, especially punta hermosa area, but if you go to Peru, you should definately go up north to surf looooong waves. that's what it's all about.

By Just another LOCAL , 09-06-2004

I paid my dues - Good waves for the last 10 days, Saturday, I broke my 6'8"in Punta Rocas, I
should have gone out on a bigger board but that is what i took, mistake. The
waves were big but dooable on my 6'8", iwent out all the way to the point,
then a big set came in, pushed my board to the side and dove, when I came
up, only half board was there, bummer, i did not bring another board, went
back to Lima, and had a nice session on semi closed out pampilla with
my son, on my 10' single fin gun. Sunday the waves are bigger, picked up my
8'8 and my willis bro 10'gun. Got to Pico Alto, no one out, a couple of guys
had been towing in, and said it was good. Then a couple of guys appeared
with their guns, so we went in. It was 4 meters + and sets were taking some
time to arrive, so lining up was difficult at first, then we found the
point, and the first set came in, got a nice one, big drop, after a while, a
good set came in took of in the peak, the thing got big as i dropped in,
made the section , then a bowl formed at the end, probably 3 meters, I
pulled in, the thing sucked, and the tube was over me, then the thing came
down on me, I was standing up, I felt my knee and ankle twist, big pain, and
of course a bad wipeout. Came up with a big pain, I had to sit a side for a
while, and then paddled and got a wave all the way out, a friend help me get
out of the water because i could barely stand. To make the story short I
broke my fibula close to the joint, i am i a cast, and waiting to see if it
will be fixed without surgery. Worst case 6 weeks. What a weekend.

By le pua'a , 10-05-2004

continental airlines - I am scheduled to go to peru tomarrow on continental airlines and am somewhat perturbed to have learned that there is currently an oversized baggage embargo into and out of Lima. I checked this through multiple sources.

By , 24-11-2003

staying in lima - fellas, if your going to lima (especially with your bros)i must reccomend staying at san bartolo with antonio tello. penascal is right out front ant there are tons of other breaks minutes away(el hueco, caballeros ect.) tonys place is a house with several apartments each having several beds and living space, where as oscars place at pico alto is communal (military style) living with shared eating/chilling spaces. besides pico alto area is a ghetto, no chill out door space. san bartolo is a nice beach town.
tony is super cool and will drive you to all accesable spots. he is also an excellent cook. the best ceviche we had in peru and we traveled most of the coast. my wife and I were treated like royalty and we chilled with a great group of brasilerros(whats up jr., ne, felife) surfing great waves 2X per day. take a day trip to Ensenada. best fastest tubing wave in south peru, then go north to pacasmayo and stay at duke's with Otto. if pacasmayo is weak poemape is a short taxi away and always at least 2X bigger and more powerful. go early. peru has so much good surf I could write an essay. these were 2 of the best places I went. have fun. also oscar at pico alto is an old kook(sorry grandpa). antonios email is . tell him jeffrey and meredith from San Diego California say high. also antonio is great because he will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the end of your trip gratis! the man is gold. solid. peace all. jeff

ps. brazilerros: stop surfing as if your playing soccer(futbol). dropping in on anyone is bad ediquitte(rude)!!! first person on a wave deserves to ride it to the end!!! have some respect(felipe, ne and jr. are exceptions).....peace(paz an olaz)

By André ( , 12-11-2003

trip to peru - i'm going to peru with 2 friends for a 18-day surftrip in march/2004 and would like to know where's the best place to stay for surfing and partying. it seems like punta hermosa is the best option, but how about san bartolo and cerro azul? as we are brazilian, we do not have lots of money, so cheap (but safe) hostel would be just fine. how's the swell like in march? do we need to rent a car? thanks in advance!

By , 22-10-2003

Barranquito - Photos wanted! - I started surfing at Barranquito in the 1970s., but have not been back there for 25 years - hopefully soon! I would like to get hold of any photos of Barranquito surf - if anyone can help. Cheers, Julian

By Ryan White, NJ , 28-04-2003

Viva Peru! - I just spent 8 days around the Punta Hermosa area and only have one thing to say...........muchas gracias! I loved everything about it....the surf, the people, the food. Lima is a fun city......definitely check out "Traffic" in Miraflores on Wednesday nights.

**If any of the locals are reading this; there was a guy swimming at playa punta hermosa on Easter Sunday (April 20). He almost drowned and was pulled out of the water where CPR was performed. I assisted by telling the locals to turn him on his side, as he was spitting up water. EMS arrived 25 minutes later. It looked like he started breathing again on his own but looked unconscious. Does anybody know what his conditon is? Just hoping that he recovers fully......Thank you PS Learn CPR because you never know when you'll need to do it!

By Old Guy , 09-04-2003

May visitor to Lima - Hi "blakevetter." Why not email to Pepe (Joe) Whilar at about when you are coming. He can help you with your learning to surf needs, and since his brothers are famous Peruvian shapers/surfboard makers (Wayo and Milton) they can outfit you, too.

By , 03-04-2003

Before I die.. I MUST SURF!!! - I will be in Lima the beginning of May and want to try surfing for the first time. I don't want 24' waves! If anyone has some info about good spots or board rental, please drop me a line. Thanks!!!

By anonymous , 27-03-2003

more on marita's - yeah it's true, marita's is a damn good place to stay. they have a kitchen, and a balcony overlooking three breaks. marita speaks english, too.
i have her phone and email: phone: 51 1 230 8091
(her english is pretty good, but keep it simple!)

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