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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 29-01-2006

1st time in Lima :: need LOTS of advice - i am planning on living and surfing in MiaFlores for 3 months - July-Sept.

what are some important things i should know?
is it safe? or will i be mugged everytime i go out to get $ at an ATM? will i be hassled by cops? is it safe to drive around ( with surfboard on top of car )?

im also a beginner surfer ( just came back from Rincon )
what are some nice spots to try?

any info u have will be greatly appreciated - thanks!

By anonymous , 23-12-2005

An...Insane ride! - Conchan totally epic..El Hueco..Cabo..San Peter..San gallan..La Herra y Punta Roquitas.. No MOre!

By gun D , 08-09-2005

thanks marita - I want to thank wanna surf, marita, and whoever wrote the message recomending her place. Her house had the best view in punta hermosa overlooking La Isla a very fun right point break. Her house is centered right in the middle of all the main breaks of the area, it s cheap yet clean and secure, and if you pay a little extra marita will cook the most amazing food for you. Her email is and i recomend you stay with her if you are surfing in the Lima area.

By MARIE AND PAUL , 09-08-2005

San Bartolo is Magic - San Bartolo, is a really surf town just like Punta Hermosa, surfing in Peru is a way of life, Great Peruvian surfers have come fro San Bartolo like Felipe Pomar, Mark Block, Magoo de la Rosa, Javier Swayne, Gabriel Aramburu, Ricky Peschiera, Abel Zimmerman, Sebastian Alarcon, Karen Gamarra, Sofia Mulanovich train always in San Bartolo, etc. Try surfing Peñascal, solitary rigths, and Santa Rosa, excellent Barrel lefts.
I just spend 1 month in Peru, at PEÑASCAL SURF HOTEL in San Bartolo, cool place, excelent food, transfers every where, we went with the owner Antonio Tello to the North Shore for a week, the best waves of my life, he charges 30 dollars a day including every thing but you can make a deal for longer staying, the locals here are really nice too, GRACIAS PERU POR TUS OLAS Y GRACIAS ANTONIO FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY

By Stratovarius Lima , 06-06-2005

Peruvian girls - Well... about the pie, the peruvian lemon pye es deliciusssss. The apple pie is similar like in America. About the girls we have here every kind of girls, but it's up to the place that you are going to set in Lima,
in some districts you can find white girls, in another Lima districts you can find hispanics girls, you can find beautiful fine girls like argentinans, girls like chileans, even like ecuatorians girls. The peruvians white girls are no so friendly as the brunettes and darks, they are ! But, finally I promese you , you'll find fun and a gentle people here in Peru.

By Barney , 25-03-2005

April-May - Anybody know if the conditions are good in April-May, and whats the best region to hit at that time? Also, what about peruvian pie? How sweet is it? How do the chicas compare to other latin women?

By Joao paulo Vernieri, , 09-02-2005

A cool place to say in P. Hermosa - Marita´s is a excelent place in P.Hermosa,excelent location with view of P.Rocas,Kon Tiki and La Isla.
Marita and her family run the business,they´re very nice people and the food is great.
Ideal for people who want a quiet and relaxing environment.

By anonymous , 07-11-2004

Coming in January - I'm coming to Lima area in January. I plan on staying around Punta Hermosa for the first week or so to get a new or used board and catch a few waves before heading North. Can anyone suggest a good place to stay and a good/cheap shaper or even a place to get a good used board? Any info would be great! Tanks.

By anonymous , 02-11-2004

how is peru in march - i am thinking on going to peru in march. are the waves big and solid in that time of the year. or should i wait for may-july.

By , 11-10-2004

First Time for anything - So i heading to Lima in a month, i'll be there for 3 and am looking for good begginer spots. Any advice/tips are welcomed. THnks

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