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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By tj and jc from florida , 25-06-2007

yeah!!! Marita - yeah!!! everyone. maritas is by far the best place to stay in punta hermosa and it is also the least expensive. the family is great, the food is unreal, lots of good waves in walking distance, and its the best vibe in town i can promise that. thanks again Marita for every thing! we will be back in feb. 08 for sure... oh yeah her dogs gato and urico (hope thats not miss spelled) are the coolest ever.

By Hide , 03-04-2007

Marita's - I came back from Peru early Feb. I got good time in Pure. Actually wave was small in Jan. But I enjoyed Peru. I stayed in Marita's House ( I really recommend it. I am Japanese, I can't speak any Spanish. But Miss Marita try to make communication with me in English. She is very kindness and help me a lots. I like to give her big appreciate. Thank you, Marita!!!

Marita's House location is good for surfers. You can see 3 point (Punta Rocas, Kon Tiki and La Isla) from Marita's House. If you have good room, you can see wave from your room. I could see it from my room. La Isla is just walk 5 minutes. Marita cooks great Peruvian foods. And accommodation is cheep. It is include 3 meals. Try Marita's House, If you go to near Punta Hermosa.

By Dan (West Oz) , 06-02-2007

Marita's - I just wanted to add to what others have already said about Marita's at Punta Hermosa. A great region for surf (reminded me a bit of some set-ups near Margaret River). If your going you would be mad not to stay with Marita (Maria Luisa Villar Gallesi, , a wonderful woman and family, incredible views to the surf and some of the best advice in town. You might even see the town's most famous export....Sophia Malonovich!! (I hope I spelt her name right). Also, eat plenty of Cerviche', drink Pisco Sour's and get up to the Andes. Peru is tops!!

By Gene , 17-09-2006

Maritas - Punta Hermosa is a nice little town. Seems to suck up swell like crazy, although the north of Peru has much cleaner waves. Thanks to the people who recommened Maritas -- such a nice lady. Staying at her place was one of the highlights of a great trip to Peru.

By suee , 15-07-2006

peru is a good place to learn to surf - well..i learned to surf in PEru in lima and im doing really good. i joined ohanna witch is like they give you classes. the beach i go to and still go to is MAKAHA the waves arent that big there its good for begginers. NOw since ive gotten WAY better i go to differnet beaches!

By , 09-05-2006

Peru, an extraordinary destination - The southern zone of Lima has full with waves. It is also a good starting point for North, to see if the swell is coming. Only one council: to go to Marita (, it is the best spot to sleep, eat, see the waves and it's not expensive. Marita deals with you like mother, it cooks super good and helps you for all (including organizing your trip). If you want to make a cool trip, it's without any doubt the best place, with the best view on the isla, punta rocas and kon tiki (it is enough to go one minute and you are in the water). Thank you Marita. Sebastien and Sophie (FRANCE).

By , 10-03-2006

newbie to surf in March at Penascal Surf Camp - Hi: I am going to Lima (March 16) and want to learn to surf (having incredible urges since sending my son off to college). I will have about 4 days. What is the water temperature? Do I need a wet suit and should I bring my own? Any other advice?

By , 09-03-2006

peru is magic... - g´day all, ive been travelling through peru, ecuador, and chile in an 84 mazda pickup i bought in north peru. ive gotten insane waves, now in north chile for first big swell of southern hemi winter this weekend...unfortunately i have to return home soon because of work requirements, however if anyone is interested in doing a trip to south america and is looking for a sturdy powerful truck to do it in (via car is the only way, IMHO, to get the best waves in all of those three countries) please feel free to email me. i have photos of the truck, we can discuss price (less than 2grand) etc...i have photos of my trip that will probably have you running to the airport. peace. email me at

By Jeremy Hatter , 20-02-2006

reply to annonymous - Yeah, i agree with the person who wrote the last message. Marita's place is a real find. She was our mother in Peru. Her place is overlooking 5 breaks: la isla, punta rocas, kon tiki, pico alto, and some other break I surfed on the other side of the rock that was heavy as fuck. There are so many different waves, and in thier winter it was the heaviest surf i have seen. It was head high, or super huge the whole time, but either way there was always good surf. Besides those 5 spots there were like 20 others. So with big swell we could either push our little boards to the brink, or find a crag in the coastline and a perfect little secluded point. We could catch the bus to other spots so easy. And everythin was proposterously cheap. Also scetchy sometimes, but always an adventure. Best waves, and peru was mystical for real. Thanks Peru

By anonymous , 10-02-2006

The Place to stay in Peru LIma - I just wonted to let all you guys know that, if your planning a trip to Lima you have to stay at marit's house. we just got back thier a few months ago found her thier. You get this huge house right 100 feet in front of La Isla right point. You can see Kon Tiki, punta rocas, and if you go to the top of her two story house on the roof is a deck. You can even see pico alto breaking. Pico alto surf camp we saw thier and it was far from the breaks and not beutiful, looked like a prison camp building. she cooks you three meals a day, it was excellant local dishes, the only food that did not get us sick while we traveled thier. she is a local extremely nice and knows the low down thier, will help you with whatever you need. Email her, thiers like 20 breaks within walking distance from her house. and it is super super cheap.

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