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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Peru, Central

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By Anonymous , 21-10-2006

Bermejo ...No good - Too many Sharks,sharp rocks and jelly fish very dangerous and crowded, don´t bother.

By el parcero gringo , 10-12-2005

best best best best - men this is a wave , im from california and i went to peru to surf cabo blanco and chicama and all nothshore breaks, but in the way i surf this wave men what a wave, long not holow but very consistent , series of 10, 14 waves ,what???????, is true, go there and surf

By anonymous , 04-08-2005

it got crowded...=/ - crowded wave

By manchita , 16-02-2005

best the best the best - this is the one of most amazing waves in the world, you have waves all day of all the year, maybe sometimes is small but you can use your long board, and when is big you can take the waves in the point near the beach but when it gets verry big you can take the wave in another level, the next point, you have to padle like 200mts more and try to pass the rocks if you cant handle this your not a true surfer, peru have the perfect waves , but no one nose, who care im surfin it be my self.

By anonymous , 19-11-2004

Solitude until Brazillians show up!! - This place was amazing. I arrived with two friends and had the place empty at 4-6ft. and super fun. It's surrounded by sand dunes and you feel like your in the middle of nowhere.

All of a sudden out of nowhere, arrived a car full of Brazilians. They paddle out with absolutely no respect trying to jockey for every wave like they were surfing in a contest or something. One guy was hugging the point so closely that he was actually holding on to the rocks trying to be deeper at all times. What a bunch of idiots. The funniest thing was that my friends and I got out and hung on the beach for a while. They later got out and got their car stuck in the sand and had the balls to come over to us and ask us for help. Of course,we helped them out.

One word of advice to all Brazillians, show some respect to others when traveling. Calm down a few notches and relax. Stop claiming that you all know Jujitsu when you don't. Please work on your over aggro styles and please consume less Red Bull. Travel in smaller packs and take more frequent showers. And of all, please don't be so loud in water and on land. All of this may help reduce the ugly immpression that you and your fellow country men have left across the surfing world. You might be neighbors to Peru, but please don't think you are locals or that you are even our friends!!

By anonymous , 14-09-2004

Looking for Tim Barnett - Hi I'm an old friend of Tim Barnett, we grew up surfing in Laguna Beach and lost contact with him in 1998. When he moved to Lima, Peru. Thanks for your help in finding him.
Ruby Street, Laguna Beach, Ca.

By , 05-07-2003

Great spot - Great spot

By anonymous , 19-01-2003

beautiful setting - what a place...
as soon as you leave the panamerica you drive through huge coloured sand-rock dunes. Not many people and at least the locals I met today were very friendly. Best place to stay is probably Barranca. (1/2H drive)
From there you have the options to heat south (ex. Centinela, north or stay at the beach break right before the beach hotels.(10-20US$) Bargain and youy will get a good discount if you stay for a couple of days.
Bermejo stays off-shore all day long but bring an extra pair of arms because the currents are strong.
Enjoy this magic place and bring back some of the rubbih the fishermen and even some of the peruvian surfers leave at the beach!!!
Really need a car in this area

By , 28-11-2002

Photos Bermejo and Playa grande - It seems to be to me good that they promote the surf, indicating some good beaches of the Peru, but the photos that they publish are not a property of, there are some photos that I took in several opportunities and them I sent to At least they should not put the name of on the photography. If they took the trouble to extract PeruAzul's photos, they should indicate whose name took them, since them they do it, or simply not to put anything.
Jose Roncal

By anonymous , 08-11-2002 - aug 2002 this was the best wave i surfed in peru total tube rides all day long 8- 10 foot ..... jim from sant a cruz

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