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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 26-11-2010

MARTIN DMCA ,MOMPICHE PARAISO - Durante mucho tiempo eh mirado y buscado fotos actuales de mompiche ,eh intentado tratar de sentir por este medio lo que sentiamos al correr olas en mompiche .
Recuerdo la primera ves que llegamos alli aun no habia carretera ,eramos cuatro amigos surfistas de diferentes lugares ,dos ,de la isla saint luis reuinion ,alvaro de mundaka y yo de argentina,realmente aquel recuerdo es imborrable ,habiamos llegado luego de una larga aventura ,tras buses ,camionetas por la playa y luego un bote desde cojimies entramos direcctamente por el point break a el rustico pueblo de mompiche.realmente hubo mucha magia en ese momento cuando aun estabamos comenzando y eramos jovenes e inocentes en muchos aspecctos.
efecctibamente yo no descubri esa ola increible que tiene mompiche ,ni tampoco ese pueblito de pescadores con sus playas paradisiacas ,pero yo si decidi que era ahi donde queria criar a mi hija y donde tube muchos sueños de amor ,y todo lo que sostenia esto era el surfing por que es lo que mas me gusta hacer.por eso cuando años mas tarde y montañita ya no era sano para criar a mi hija decidimos que el destino era mompiche,teniamos nuestros perros ,surf ,amigos y muchos sueños para con este lugar,la vida me enseño que siempre falta mucjho por aprender y que cuando yo creia que estaba listo recien estaba empesando.
les cuento esto por que de alguna manera eh visto aqui en los comentarios de esta pagina cosas que muchas veces se ah nombrado mi nombre y crei que era tal vez bueno compartir un poquito de mi vida y experiencia en mompiche haci no se ,tal vez no gasten energia hablando de cosas que no son tan importantes.(o tal vez si)
en lo personal cometi muchos errores en mi vida ,y aunque la intencion para con los demas siempre fue buena ,atendi a mis clientes, con cariño y respeto siempre trate de dar lo mejor ,limitandome a lo que para mi era accesible tal vez trate de dar mas de lo que tenia ,y me equivoque en muchas cosas de mi vida personal.hoy ya en otra etapa de mi vida puedo ver esto y compartirlo con quien le interese ,aveces voy a mompiche todavia ,todavia soy dueño de mi hostal dmca que esta en un proceso de cambio positivo ,y limpio de viejas energias .
mompiche es un paraiso para los surfistas y siempre lo sera la ola es perfeccta en los meses de noviembre a abril,tambien pueden surfear playa negra con marea alta,ostional ,y suspiro ,la mayoria son izquierdas y en los dias buenos son de tres metros solidos.,el pueblo esta cada vez mas contaminado y en un proceso de cambio.
dmca nacio en montañita ,luego fue mancora y termino en mompiche ,significa desde mompiche con amor .y muchos conocieron este sentimiento.
sean felices ,cuidense y cuiden todo lo que hacen y aprecian,saludos martin.

By joao , 29-04-2009

Hi all - Hi all,

I’m planning on doing a surf trip, and I can’t make up my mind between Indonesia and Mompiche. Indonesia is too well known and crowded, but assures big waves all year. On the other hand, Mompiche is not as well known as Indonesia, and that’s why I’m not sure on the quality of the waves. Can someone tell me how are usually waves in September there?

Please contactme to

By Anonymous , 29-04-2009

Hi all -
I’m planning on doing a surf trip, and I can’t make up my mind between Indonesia and Mompiche. Indonesia is too well known and crowded, but assures big waves all year. On the other hand, Mompiche is not as well known as Indonesia, and that’s why I’m not sure on the quality of the waves. Can someone tell me how are usually waves in September there?

By Polosurfer , 17-02-2009

Mompiche Beachbreak - Hola amigos
que emocion es estar en este lugar, para muchos surfers el preferido en especial para mi ya que tiene una ola izquierda perfecta mi lado para correr
Los invito a venir aca no se arrepentiran, las farras en la noches son de locos

By Anonymous , 10-06-2008

Selling 900 m of paradise in mompiche - Hey if you are interested on being part of this lovely comunity and own a peace of Surf heaven contact me at

By Concerned , 30-05-2008

Concerned Local - Hola, Hello!!

First i would like to say i am an Ecuadorian born surfer who lives here and there and everywhere. I have been surfing for 24 years and know Latin America very well. Now to the point....Mompiche is in the midst of deciding its future as a tourist destination. Most people, surfers or not, have said over and over the same thing....hope it stays this way and i hope it doesnt turn into another Montanita or Atacames. You see Mompiche is a natural paradise which also happens to have a good wave once in a while (repeat, once in a while). In order for Mompiche to develop into something 'different', wholesome, and natural the locals must take charge now. Creating discos, bars, surf shops, atv rentals, hippie this hippie that is not going to help at all. Mompiche is so nice to many people for the mere fact that you can come and rest, silence, no boom boom boom music blasting everywhere, no hippies singing freedom songs while only letting the in crowd or like them crowd hang around (ha!) no full moon raves/parties with drugged out victims claiming to be in 'ecuador', no criminals trying to take advantage of these 'victims', no profit only interested non-ecuadorians buying up all of the town properties exploiting everything and everyone, no overly crowded disrespectful local and non local surfers at the point etc...etc...Mompiche must remain green, natural (its surrounding tropical environment is its real treasure) or else all will surely go to hell. Mompiche and tourism are new to the locals.....most of them went from bush to tourist town overnight, really! Services are not the best (yet) and trash is a big problem now. Before it was just banana peels, coconuts, a fish head here and there, now its plastic, bottles, cans, diapers, etc.....Please make and an effort of talking to every local that you encounter about these problems, about other not so pretty places youve visited in Ecuador (Montanita, Atacames, even Canoas) Compare for them and let them know that your concerned and willing to help them in any which way as long as Mompiche is saved. Tell them about the trash and how that is not a good sign of a healthy and beautiful paradise that Mompiche is. Tell them that you dont want loud bars and discos popping up everywhere, tell them that your not interested in buying drugs (very important!!)....big problem with incoming tourists, kids are getting hooked big time!! Try and make and more importantly be the difference. That is if youd like for Mompiche to be something different in Ecuador or for Latin America. Mompiche can easily serve as an example for others to follow. Surfing is the main attraction in Mompiche so we must all represent a brighter future for 'our spiritual activity' and the places we visit.
Welcome to paradise.

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

Mompiche buying - I was in Mompiche in January and February. There are 2 places to rent a few boards but nowhere to buy- there is minimal infrastructure for the surf scene there...but it will come. We stayed in the cabanas in front of the surf wave for 10 a night. Fabiola is the name of the lady who runs them- she's very sweet. The best bet on buying a board might be Esmareldas, or Atacames.

By Anonymous , 27-03-2008

need to find a second hand board - looking depserately for a 2nd hand board in ecuador.anyone know where there is a good place to buy one?
do they sell used boards in mompiche?
or is montanita the only sure bet?

By Anonymous , 11-03-2008

Gutted!!! - Just got back from Mompiche. Was there for a week. Had one day of o.k surf the rest was crap. The place has plenty of potential but just caught it bad. Was told that for two weeks before i rocked up it was pumpin. Always the way. Locals are freindly. Mozzies are bad after dark

By juan diego , 07-01-2008

tabo surf - The DMCA (tabo surf hostel) was much more than I was expecting; great music, great drinks, great surf, great people.... pura vida.... tabito mandeme el contacto de las chilenas!! abrazo papa! grillo.

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