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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 La posada


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By Anonymous , 23-03-2010

i live here - Like I said before, it's blown out most of the time, just take a look at all the pictures. It does get good a few times of the year when the swell and wind just so happen to cooperate, but I live here and know how the waves are. North swells don't really get into Playas much. Peru has north facing bays, and the prevailing south winds blow offshore on the inside, but playas, ecuador is south facing and pretty rarely glasses off due to the constant winds. If it wasn't for the wind, it would be pretty good here. Maybe global warming will change that though. Sorry to bum you out Daniel, but if you want crap + crowd, that's your deal.

By DANIEL , 04-11-2007

Ecuadr=oFFshore winds+ consistent s well ,S - Sorry about THE''SUPER KOOK" guys, but Ecuador HAS AMAZING WAVES AND THE ONSHORE HAPPENS BUT THE WAVE IS SO LONG THAT IT DOSN'T AFFECT THE SHAPE OF THE WAVE. FROM DECEMBER TO April, 'NORTH SWELLS" are GLASSY AND OFFSHORE BUT FROM MAY TO NOVEMBER YOU CAN RIDE EPIC SOUTH SWELLS WAVES IN PLAYAS. DONT LISTEN TO THE "NERD" BELOW. It is lie, he obviously never spent real time in Ecuador-I was there for two weeks and rode amazing waves without always being there. I am happy to put my name here if you questions or want to know if it is true-not like those annoymous fellows.

By Anonymous , 11-01-2007

ecuadr=onshore winds+ inconsistent swell - IF you don't mind surfing with a steady 10-20knot onshore wind 95% of the time, go for it. Maybe kite boarding is the key here...I live in Ecuador, so I know, it's always windy except for a few of the dawn to 8am windows.

By Playas , 19-06-2006

LocAL - If you are not local, ask how you can get in to the spot. The entrence is really dangerous

By cory barbur , 24-11-2005

the best wave of playas - awesome wave locals good barrels good ,,,,,,perfect trip

By jojetone , 21-10-2005

fun when it works - when playas is going big, very in the morning you maybe (not always, god south swell and low rising tide) find one pretty long and fun wave in la posada, wich sometimes had a little barrel in the first section, its fun and very long you can travel all the points till the beach on playas jajajaj fucking crazy... you only can do this we you see the waves are breaking not in direction toward the sand but when the direction of the wave breking is going to the right... sound nuts but thats how it is.

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