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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 18-04-2004

Ecuadorian surfer - My name is Esteban, if anybody needs to know about surfing in Ecuador you can contact me.. i would be glad to share some quality info.. (even in the Galapagos...) I've lived and surfed Galapagos and mainland for some years.. Currently living in North Carolina..

By sol , 30-03-2004

Melly? FR. Guyana? - write to my hotmail address if your in ecuador,

By , 20-03-2004

melly - i arrive day 25 in quito , from fr guyana ,looking for waves , your message was cool , writte me

By , 20-03-2004

Message For Chino, Ecuador? - Que tal Chino, mi nombre es Sol y vivo en California. Yo naci en Quito y voy estar ayi el 24 de Marzo. Voy quedar por un ano para contruir una casa en la playa. So un surfer de 17 anos de practica. Si quieres explorar conmigo dame tu numero de telefono y email address.
mio es
y buen salud,

By , 18-03-2004

Ecuador, Peru, Chile - Heading to Peru in April and travelling around South America. If anyone can tell me how easy it is getting around on buses and if its safe enough to stash boards at hostels when sight seeing etc it would be appreciated? Does anyone know if Lan Chile and Lan Peru are surfboard friendly on their flights? Cheers Ewan

By Patrick , 16-03-2004

New Wales, Aus. - Beautiful waves in the Galapagos area, loved the tortugas, other than that. Peru also has pretty good spots like Cabo Blanco, Panic Point and Chicama. If you go down south you'll reach Pico Alto (do you feel ready for Pico Alto, are you ready to die).

By Chino , 18-02-2004

Quito Surfers - Hey, existen mas surfistas en Quito ademas de mi persona?
Hay que ponerse en contacto para viajar y explorar la costa! Suerte en este carnaval, parece que ya vienen unas olitas.

By , 08-01-2004

going to equador - hey guys
i am going from south arica to equador
just surfing...
what are the prices of accomadation per night
or a normal stay for a month??
are there any backpackers or anything recomanded?
where shell i head first?
whats the price of a board and how difficult it will be to go later to peru with the boards ...

By , 18-12-2003

Yo MELLY, you did not post your email address.... - I live in Guayaquil and plan on starting surfing around mid january through march (beach season) so get in touch if you wanna join. plan is to join strenghts and pennies for gas to travel to different spots. dont worry about bus travelling, we'll use my car. btw, guys bus travelling isn't bad nowadays, someone had a bad experience seems to me. oh, and kitesurfing? none here yet, i'm trying to learn but theres no place to start (training, gear, nothing here yet) so anyone interested in making bicks teaching here in Ecuador and is qualified to teach, get in touch, you can start the rave down here there are lots crowdless huge beaches and a couple of nice lakes as well. hakuna matata.

By Out of pocket , 28-11-2003

$700 to transport your board with Iberia airways - Having flown out with my board with no problems at all (except for my leatherman being flinched from my rucksack) it came as rather a shock when the not at all friendly or helpful ground staff at Guayacil airport informed me that I had to pay over US$700 to transport my board back! All surfboards charged as 20kg excess baggage. After a 45min stand-off at check in they eventually and begrudgingly reduced this to $100 saying we were exceptionally lucky.

Here's Iberias's policy for surfboards:-

Excess baggage
Surf and wind-surf equipment will ALWAYS be considered as extra baggage irrespective of the free baggage allowance. The following x bag rates will apply:

Weight concept:

Wind-surf equipment 35 Kgs.
Surf board 20 Kgs.
Kite board equipment(*) 20 Kgs.
Other sailing items 15 Kgs.

These weights apply independently of the real weight.
(*)The kite board equipment consists of 1 board and 1 parachute.
Piece concept:

Wind-surf equipment 4 flat charges
Surf board 2 flat charges
Kite board equipment(*) 2 flat charges
Other sailing items 2 flat charges

Only 1 equipment per passenger will be accepted.
(*)The kite board equipment consists of 1 board and 1 parachute.

Or check it out on their website:

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