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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 01-02-2006

Colombian local - Hola,
I am Colombian natinal that learned to surf in Florida and Cal. I made it back to Colombia after many years and ready to adventure the waves. This would be my first surf adventure and would like to travel with fellow surfers. I don´t know the surf spots but I am a local and know how to get around. If anyone is thinking about making the trip, please let me know and we will find out how good the surf is here. I can guarantee you a quality banquet of beatiful women to take the pain of those hatefull flat days.
Aloha, Hodgie

By , 01-09-2005

- hey i'm right now in california taking googd waves and i'm on my way to south america (colombia) but i really want to know spots in panama if anyone have any information please contact me

By Paisa - VBWL , 18-07-2005

COLOMBIA, not COLUMBIA - 1. Don't advertise you're a U.S. Citizen (FARC might want you).
2. Spell Colombian correctly.
3. Go surf there, you'll get some bombs.
4. Learn a bit of Spanish before you go.
5. Don't do any drugs.
6. Be respectful to the local surfers and people.

By , 11-07-2005

surf spots in san andres?? - is there surf spots in san andreas .
can some body answer please y need to know .

By , 10-07-2005

looking to surf on pacific side of - I am a US citizen looking to surf on the pacfic side of your country. I would like to spend 3 months there from Nov to Feb. I am from California and I have met a number of Columbians there. I have liked all of the ones I have met there. If anyone knows where the best waves are and a nice hotel to stay in please contact me. My name is John Perucci and my e-mail address is jperubali@hotmail .com.

By ceholli , 12-05-2005

lived in Bogota - Never did get to surf in Colombia. Now, it has become somewhat of a goal to surf the pacific side of Colombia. I know there must be so many awesome, desolate spots waiting. I always kept a low profile when I lived there, and never had any problems. The people were nice and I enjoyed Bogota; no reason to be in fear when you are there. Like anywhere else just be "cool", be respectful and yield to the people that live there. Try to speak spanish whenever possible, and tell them you are from the the US or North America not "America" and they will appreciate that greatly. Always remember you are an embassador for all of us who visit.

By Olaf , 04-05-2005

Surfboards in Colombia, Barranquilla - Hi there, sorry that I write in English, but my Spanish is not good enough yet. I'll be in Colombia, Barranquilla for a couple of months and am wondering if it is easy to get used surfboards so that I do not have to spend so much money on bringing my own along. Anyone any advice? Looking for shortboard that can handle a 90kg guy. Gracias por una respuesda a

By carlos , 13-04-2005

info - hola amigos. me gustaria ir a surfear el caribe colombiano, pero me gustaria saber si se puede hacer surf todo el año o es estacional. tambien algunos consejos. os agradeceria vuestra ayuda.

un saludo:

este es mi e-mail;

By OLAS..Que tal? , 11-04-2005

Buscando surfistas para surfear en Colombia - Hola a todos los surfistas Colombianos, y los que sin ser Colombianos realmente conozcan que es surfear en Colombia.
Leyendo este foro, vemos que existen una cantidad tremenda de Colombianos y extranjeros que estan interesados en surfear en Colombia, y lo han hecho. Estamos interesados en formar un grupo de surfistas para viajar a Colombia a finales de Junio del 2005. Por favor mantengan este sitio activo, es muy positivo y se ve que los que surfean en Colombia son gente muy bella. Si alguien esta interesado en formar el grupo o comunicarse para difundir informacion sobre este deporte, o ayudarnos con informacion y contactos para poder organizar el viaje.. por favor escribir a If your love to surf in Colombia, know what is like to surf in Colombia, have been surfing in Colombia, and are interested in forming a cool group of surfers to travel to Colombia to surf, or know anyone in Colombia who can provide information about surfing, traveling, staying, etc in Colombia during a surfing trip after June of 2005, Please write to us at Let's do it.

By colomgringo , 24-12-2004

get the right attitude - with the attitude that some of you portray....go ahead and go to colombia, chances are you will get decapataded and get thrown off a cliff...colombia is one of the most gorgeous and mysterious countries on the face of the planet. It does have world class waves on the pacific side, which most are unexplored and will stay that way. The caribbean side also has excellent surf ive seen the surf ive been there numerous times on vacation, my mother is colombian. Get the right attitude and youll be okay, but if you guy continue with your childish ways, forget about colombia---its off with your head. Anyways its more swell for me when i break out my board and hit the tropical, soothing, gringo-free country with WAVES and COLOMBIANAS----vive las colombianas!!!!

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