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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By julian baresch , 06-05-2006

surf shops in cali or buenaventura???? - I' m colombian living in france on the west coast, surfed all over the world but not in my beloved country yet, I would like to know if it is possible to rent a board in cali or buenaventura because im going to ladrilleros beach this summer!!! thanks a lot for your time!

By , 24-03-2006


By , 20-03-2006

I LOVE COLOMBIA!! - hi!! I has doing a work for school and I´m just passing by and I just want to say that Im soooo happy thtat there are sooo many ppl that have come here and fall in love with this beautiful country, I have live out of my country and I really missed it. I´m 15 and very proud to come from Colombia!!!!!

By , 20-03-2006

fuc$"#% - well the fact is that i'm from colombia "colombiano puro" and some of the surfers around the world bother our beaches and they think they are god.......i just wanted to say man if u'r going to surf in our land be respectful not like this guy from hawaii he came here saying he was the best and bullshit.

By , 19-02-2006

respect its a good thing! - i have spent a lot of time in colombia as my wife is colombian, myself a surfer from the east coast have surf both the pacific and the caribbean, and i can tell you this the local surfer,s are mejor! great vibe in the water, in ten years surfing colombia the only bad vibe came from travle-ing surfers who had no respect for the locals , colombians very repectful of one another,and are very relaxed, but hey disrespect one take your a gringo i have never had a problem with the people, the police, or the militray, hey if you come to surf respect , respect , respect,and you will be fine and the locals love to share but respect is demaned. have a good time , yea colombia!

By Joe Schmoe , 17-02-2006

Posts - Where are the post from FEB 5TH AND ON?????

By , 15-02-2006

Canadian Looking to surf Colombia - I´ve been in South America for the past 8 months and planning to go surfing in Colombia. If anyone is up for a roadtrip or knows some good spots, please let me know. I´ll be there from the 10th of march to the 29th.

By Henry-David , 15-02-2006

surfing Colombia now! - Hey! I am a young french surfer travelling around the world right now and I am arriving in Colombia tomorrow at Tayrona national park. I am planning to spend about 3 weeks in the country and maybe go all the way down to the north of Ecuador. And I also want to visit Cartagena, Medellin, Cali and maybe Bogota. I speak spanish enough to get by and have some conversation.
Is there anyone (colombian or not) who would like to join me to catch some waves on the Pacific coast and maybe the carribean coast for a few days? And have some wild party of course...I am very easy going. You can know more about me by checking my profile on the great website My username there is HD.
Any information about the surf on the pacific coast is more than welcome. I almost don't have any. And if you live in Colombia and are excited about hosting me in your house or just show me around, please let me know quickly. I don't have a car but if it is not expensive, I might rent one. My email is
See u soon. Thanks.

By surfviajero , 06-02-2006

Vengo a Colombia - ¿Como estan las olas en el caribe ahora? Porque yo he estado viendo las buyas y parece que cuando llegen las olas tambien llege mucha brisa. Realmente me gustaria ir al pacifico pero me han dicho que hay mucho FARC alla. ¿Como es el Pacifico? Me imagino que hay buenas olas pero quiero saber que si esta seguro para un estadounidense viajando solo.

By John , 05-02-2006

Driving through columbia - Was wondering if anyone has driven through Columbia, I am about to start driving to brazil and was wondering if its possible. The shortest point to get to venezula looks like its only about 500 miles so it could be done in a day if theres a straight road and no problems, was wondering if anyone had any has done this. Let me know thanks.

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