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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Paisa Surfer , 16-03-2007

Are there Waves? - Hay Olas? - Apparently, waves do make it to Colombia's Pacific Coast. See below. This is an e-mail exchange I had with a surf forecaster from California.

Question: I can’t find my e-mail on this, but about a year ago I asked what you thought the wave potential was for Nuqui, Colombia (Departamento del Choco) and I think you said okay but not great. How about Cabo Corrientes (see attached map)? I ask because a local surfer has been telling me that it gets really good waves with some size too. He says you have to take a 45 minute boat ride which I think is to Cabo Corrientes. I ask since Colombia sits behind the “bulge” of the west coast of South America and wasn’t sure if the storms off of Chile or other south swell generating areas would be reaching it (i.e., wave shadow). Before heading down there, I wanted to get some expert opinion on what the swell potential would be during August. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Good Question!
I did some comparative analysis and it looks like the southern cutoff is about at 212 degrees, which actually provides a pretty good window covering a large portion of the Southwest and South Central Pacific. The Southeast Pacific is totally shadowed from Cabo Corrientes but the entire storm corridor under New Zealand south to the Ross Ice Shelf looks open as well as a pretty good stretch of ocean under Tahiti. Take a look as the link below and shift the enire series of paths over towards Colombia. Doing that it looks like any storm passing through the area north of the 212 degree line with winds aimed parallel to that path will push into the point you are interested in. Sounds like a fun trip. Now all we need is some storms. It's been real quiet down south lately. But I bet by August (later rather than earlier) things will again start becoming productive there.

Okay brothers, now its time to check it out. Later.

By Anonymous , 07-03-2007

ahhh americans - I am buying land in ECUADOR in the manabi provence and everytime I look at a map I cant help think that it must produce excellent points,rivermouths and beachbreaks up in columbia..My spanish is not good enough yet that Im willing to hit it solo but give me 6 months and it should be passable.One of the greatest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting was Columbian and appart from the language and cultural differences they seem abit like us Australians.The humour and taken it easy approach..Not gunna get into the strife thing as Im not informed enough to have a valid opinion but its a country I know Ill be visiting soon........
Is there anyone on here who would consider taking an aussie surfer under their wing for a month or two and just simply hang out and go surfing,I would happily work or contribute to whatever it is you do so we have more time for waves.As for being kidnapped,the Australian government has a long standing travel warning issue urging against travel to columbia ,so the bottom line is that you got to a country informed of the potential dangers and something does happen,then there is nobody to blame but myself...Ohhhh ummmmmmmmm ,doesnt mean I wanna be kidnapped..Are many colombians hostile to ALL gringos or just mainly Americans.In ecuador I found people kinda opened up to me alittle more and were far friendlier when they found out I was Australian and not from the U.S.A.........Not bagging Americans,just passing on my experience............

By , 06-02-2007

colombia esta es chimba - this is for all traveling surfers to colombia,leave your bullshit home theres no room for that here.i am a gringo myself who has live in colombia for 10years now, i own a coffee estate in the antiquoia dept.and take regular fligths to the carribean coast as well as the pacific coast, there is never any trouble with the locals,good surfers and great people,the trouble starts when some traveling surfer thinks just because he pay's for a surf trip down here that he is owed every wave ,so he thinks it cool to drop in on a local or just disrespect the people i am tried of have-ing to defuse bad situations that these gringo surfer find them self in with the local many who are my friends, i have talk many of them out of hurting these disrespectful sumbags from being beaten or worst remember this is there country no yours,colombian's are a great people with a lot of love to show,and they gladly share what little they have ,and befriend one you have a friend for life.there are a lot of secert spots that go off.and these guys are willing to take you to them but thats is slowly comeing to a end, because of the disrespect that a few show, your notwanted or will it be put up with the next time i will let the beat down happen you wont win because it wont be one it will be many remember this the police dont care if they dont see it to them it didnt happen, so i hope you have good medical insurance and bring a few boards because the one you have with you on that day will be taken from you or broken like you will be . colombian's are a happy people just dont disrespect and you will have the time of your life.oh yea colombian surfers rip these guys charge very hard and are under-rated. so come and share but live that state side macho shit home.p.s. hey to all the true surfers if you need any info ill be gald to help where to go to stay etc...

By Anonymous , 21-01-2007

- i think you did not spend enough time in colombia to say there is no waves, sometimes anywhere in the world you might just get there and not be lucky and get a flat week, or even more!! but better for us we dont want gringos to come!!! YOU WILL GET KIDNAPPE $$$$$$

By Ryan , 28-11-2006

crappy surf - hey people, i just finished a surf trip around south america and i regret going to colombia, because the surf lacks in power, consistency and height. In the west coast of south america ecuador(galápagos), peru and chile are the standouts, so if you are a acomplished surfer skip colombia. It actually surprised me to see all these messages, this place is wayyyyyyyyyyyy overrated, but nature and women are fucking gorgeus.

By Willy , 21-10-2006

- look for Memo Gómez at He's a surf guide. I was surfing with him perfect waves and never crowded break. You will need a boat to the best waves, and it's not cheap, check your budget

By , 16-08-2006

info - ist a good venezolano y tambien quiero hacer un surftrip para el pacifico colombiano.

By Miami Gringo Loco , 14-08-2006

Cartagena Dreaming - Andres and the boys at Mokono's surf school are truly cool people that look out for tha homies.They know thier shit. Whether it's surf,wind,or kite, they are experts in everything. I stayed a month and left my 9'8'' tuff lite takayama at mokono, and I never worried once about it getting jacked. Las Velas went off three times when I was there. Cartagena night life is insane and probably the best in the carribean.

By , 07-08-2006

Info please - Hey everybody!!It´s great to see people posting info of Colombia´s great pacific waves..Does anyone know where i could find links or more info related to accomodations and logistic to get to Colombias best points?I´m planning my departure from Venezuela if that makes anything easier..Thanks...Bryan

By , 18-06-2006

hi im a colombian girl living in france - hi im acolombian girl living in france i like so much surf and im serching a good teacher.
my email adress is

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