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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Paisa Surfer , 22-12-2007

Nuqui Trip - Great! So where did you stay and how did you access the surf. I understand that the lodges in the area (i.e., El Cantil) are very expensive with boat rental at $200 per day. Can you give details. You can write me at THANKS.

By Anonymous , 06-12-2007

going off!!! - i went to nuqui this past fall and the experience was amazing!! PICO LORO its a A+ quality wave when the rigth swell hits, if you want to score ,do your research before you go...

hit me up for any advice!!!

By Squinty , 12-11-2007

Soul surfing Ireland....Colombia - Where I surf its so cold your head hurts and the suits are 5:4 mm - I meet my friends who are farmers, carpenters, writers, marine biologists in the water (none of whom wear surf-brand clothing - wooly jumpers more like) and we socialise in the rain / and depend on each other too. We have green mountains in the background and rainbows and dolpins.....and no travelling surf trash with their competitiveness and aggressiveness.

ColOmbians and ColOmibianas...I hope to share your waves with you soon and any information you could give me about your Pacific coast would be greatly appreciated. I would love to surf in ColOmbia this winter.

"It all started going wrong when someone described surfing as a sport and not a purely spiritual pursuit"


By Suzy , 10-10-2007

surf spots in colombia - hi, i am just learning to surf, have been living here in canoa ecuador for the past month and the waves have been a bit irregular with no sun! am heading for colombia next and would like to know where to go, beautiful perfect waves, wouldnt mind good weather too! please email me...

By , 14-06-2007

choco - Just got back from Choco. Took ferry-Buena Venturea(hole),24hs+ no bed, no freeboard(100mil). Stayed "Nativos" El Valle, Rosa good cook(15 mil-night). High tide beaches, gets plenty swell, but b grade. Got burgled in Nuqui from hotel (i think owners son). Had to leave. Advice: Beg, borrow or steal boat go to sw side of Cabo Corrientes, camp out.

By , 06-05-2007

- going to the pacific for a couple of weeks looking for a good and cheap place to stay that the waves are consistant please let me know,los acomodo si vienen a puertoro en isabela pa que surfeen olas buenas tambien

By Anonymous , 02-05-2007

Pacific Surf - i heading to the Pacific as well at the start of July 07..will be interested to hear about some plan is to get the ferry from Buenaventura down to Nuqui and check out spots along the way... pretty vague i know... but i cant afford the $150 per night that one of the surf camps charges south of Nuqui... i am also keen to find someone to surf and travel with over there

By , 13-04-2007

hey please help - im also going to el choco in may my buddy rents a cabana so drop me a line and i tell you all the details !!!

By Paisa Surfer , 08-04-2007

Where to Surf - Go to Nuqui, Dept. del Choco - The Pacific side would be your best bet. Contact El Cantil lodge outside of Nuqui. Memo Gomez runs the place and knows all of the spots. Colombians are very friendly and loving people until you do them wrong and then you get the Colombian necktie. Let us know how it goes.

By Anonymous , 05-04-2007

please help - hey guys- i planning on going down to colombia in may for a short 2 week surf trip, ill be alone so i wouldnt mind some pointers or maybe a surf buddy, there is pretty much no information on where any waves are or how good they are or anything so any information would help, i come in peace please dont kidnap me....

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