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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 20-06-2002

flatness is killing me! - People, this is Jose reporting from MIami. It's dead flat!
Borelly I sure remember you bro. We surfed together a few times...Where do you live? I heard "el Bolsillo" has been breaking lately...It will be so nice to be there with my homeboys just enjoying a sweet session....Saludos para todos!
This are the clean days....lA OLA INVERNAL...To the locals from Quilla tomen fotos y mandenlas que no tenemos ni una buena!
I will be posting a couple pictures I have from Punta Roca and Naranjos....but they are not all that!....
Saludos y a la seccion esa que se levanta ahi al frente del espolon peguenle una buena buena cacheta' de parte de Garujoe!...........PEACE.....and please submit photos!

By , 19-06-2002

Hey Joe Gonzalez - Joe, no me recuerdas bro?, tu no vivias en torre 50 en B/quilla, yo soy Alex Borelly, el amigo de Jose Albis. como estas?, siempre recordando los buenos momentos de olas en Puerto. Espero que te este yendo bien en tu vida. Saludos a todos los surfistas. Un gran abrazo de un espiritu de surfing que todavia vive.

By , 05-06-2002

Colombia, flat cause of the winter!! - hey people from all over, let me tell you that I just came in from the atlantic coast, more precisely cartagena, and it was very flat, here the rain doesn´t stop. though the last day I was there i saw the swell coming in, I hope the rainy season stops very soon. joe G pilas con lo que hablamos parece que eso va pa arriba, marulo saludes es el mich por ahi anda mi mail, write me anytime you want dog!!
alright people keep the surf and the beach clean, if anybody is planning a trip to pacific coast (choco)just let me know I live in bogota, my mail is somewhere here, SEE YA IN THE LINEUP!!

By anonymous , 11-05-2002

....GOT IT! - Webmaster: I got it know! You are totally right!...English like music is the universal language!.....Keep on surfing!
To the anonymous writer....pretty interesting story about the Choco region in Pacific Coast. I bet there has got to be more than a few world class point breaks down there that roll in completely unridden!....I have heard about two Aussies that lived there for two years.....Keep surfing!

By Greg , 09-05-2002

colombia - I would like to get some info about the pacific coast of Colombia

By anonymous , 09-05-2002

la costa pacifica - The surf in the pacific side of Colombia was born some years ago, when some friends started shaping pretty rustic boards, went to Ladrilleros and Juanchaco and made this place our local spot, now some little native kids have inherited our old boards and are starting to rip...
In 98 five guys and me went to live in a little village in El Choco, (you can only get there by boat or plane, there are no roads) in the pure jungle, here we catch amazing waves by our selves for abaut a year, living in a sort of community all together, sharing food, surfing, and shaping in epoxy
then for different reasons we separeted, but we all continued surfing and live for that. Something amazing we found out when we lived in the jungle is that 25 years ago, like in the 70s one gringo came and lived here for 4 years,
he was a surfer... but since he left, nobody has ever known abaut him...

By , 09-05-2002

From colombia to the world - Well let me tell I am a local from the atlantic coast and let me tell ya that here in my country we recieve very warmly all people from other countries (no matter wich). we have good consistent waves all year round, I am planning to go soon to the pacific coast (is practicly a virgin coast beacuse of the dense jungle in choco), but in the atlantic coast you wont have any kind of problem (no guerrilla, no violence no nothing) you are invited to come and see!! we have a world class natural park that is called Parque Tayrona. if you want more details or info, contact me...
you wont regret it.

By webmaster , 08-05-2002

To JAG - Its nothing personal - nor is it specific to Colombia... but this site is used by people from all over the world, and the one language which makes it useful and interesting to the most people is english... Its not a question of cultural imperialism or anything - just a practical means of trying to include as many people as possible in the sharing of the stoke. Suerte y buenas olas para ti!

By , 08-05-2002

Saludos! - Hola surfers!....Este es Jose GOnzalez saludando desde Miami, FL. Por aca el surf anda reflat como para variar.
Quien sabe de como ha estado el Caribe?....I will like to give a shoutout to Mich Vilaro, El marciano Campos, El salmon, Marulanda,Segarulla, Cuquin, Cobo, Albeto MArio, Juan HIerba...y todo ese combo del bolsillo y Tayrona.
Tambien me gustaria saber si alguien tiene alguna informacion acerca de Esteban Lema?....Brother si lees el mesanje es Jose de B/quilla....Habiamos planeado un trip a Ladrilleros hace años cuando iba a haber un campeonato por alla....Espero todo este mono....Quien es el que va para el Pacifico?....Avisen a ver que pasa por alla?
Saludos y buenas olas!

By JAG , 08-05-2002

Getting together! - Webmaster: I don't understand why you are asking to post the messages in english!?...Come on man not everybody speaks english. Plus remeber this is a Spanish speaking country so please let us comunicate with each other in our language. Hope it's ok!

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