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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Ted Malibu , 09-09-2002

you got it bra! - No worries! Peace out, surf on. I hope to explore Columbia one day.

By , 09-09-2002

Apologies - Apologies, the U.S.A as a government or a free and peaceloving nation, is obviously not to blame for missing out Colombia in the Stormrider guide. Sorry dude wasnt an attack on you personally. Live in peace.

By , 29-08-2002

from Sweden to Colombia! - I live and surf in the south of ice cold sweden. My girl is from Cali, Colombia. We want to go back to Colombia and check out the surf. Cali is pretty close to the pacific so i really like to know abot some spots over there.It sounds cool that there are plenty of surfers there.So when we go there i can surf all day and my girl can dance salsa allday that why she wants to go there.....

By Ted Malibu , 28-08-2002

USA IDIOTS? - The World Stormrider guide was written by Low Pressure Systems in the UK. These guys are from ENGLAND, not the US.
So before calling anybody idiots, do your research!

By , 28-08-2002

dudes......stoked - I am totally stoked to see the surfing population in Colombia is active and promoting the country. I will be visiting the country very soon and am certainly ignoring the very negative bullshit reports we get on the news. Television always exagerates the problems so it seems that the problems are all over the country. Oh how wrong they are!! I know this because I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland, you know the I.R.A and all that shit.

Anyway I surf, that is my religion, the waves are my drugs and the sea is my church. My church takes me all over the world, my drugs change every time i take one and they become more and more addictive. Nothing in the world, unatural can stop me from practising my religion or taking my drugs, even politics.

So next stop Colombia, "me novia" is colombian, from bucamarranga (hope the spelling is right) and we will be returning to her home in about 6 months. She wants me to visit her family and I want to surf!! Perfect realationship. This site is undoubtably the most helpful thing for me (seeing the World Stormrider Guide seems to miss out Colombia - USA idiots) and any other visiting surfer. So please keep on writing in English, or even a translation.

Keep on promoting you beautiful country because you are beautiful people. The world that is ignorant is the world that misses out. All the more waves for us.

Keep it sweet.

By , 11-08-2002

J F - Hey i'm right now in australia but on my way to colombia, i think i gotta find a good spot up there to don't get dry without some waves. something like here byron bay or snape rock that'd be good. if someone has some info.. write i'm going near the atlantic

By anonymous , 05-08-2002

First Pacific break! - Hello everybody. Finally somebody decided to post the first wave of the Pacific Coast. COOOL!I hope you keep posting more pretty soon. I only heard of Juanchaco and Ladrilleros.
What's happpening with all the others?....Share the stoke!

By , 03-08-2002

surfing girl (surfa) colombiana - hello,
I was born in Bogota, raised in B/quilla and studied my university (oceanography)at Baja California Mexico, were I learnt to surf, and 4 years ago changed my life.
now i´m back in Colombia, and i´m working at Tumaco, studing El NIño.
Please to all the surfer that have surf the Pacific, to this anonimos,
tell me when is the right time to surf, the points, some clues on how to get there, anything!
I´m getting dry of not catching waves
thanks /espero me escriban/ ciao

By jeff pennington,, or , 19-07-2002

I am colombian - my mom is from colombia my dad is from us. i have grown up in the states in florida. i go to colombia every 2 years to visit my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents. i got into surfing bout 2 or 3 years ago. and when i went down there we went to a spot near barrinquilla( thats were my family lives) i dont know the name but there were bout 5 guys out there surfing. i didnt have my board so i just watched em. i have suddenly gained interest in surfing spots in colombia, but there isnt to much info out there, i am guessing it might be because of the condotion of things down there, i hope after things clear up down there i can dicover some world class breaks, beacuase i know they are there. could some one send me some info on spots on the atlantic side?

By anonymous , 16-07-2002

LAdrilleros y Juanchaco? - Hey what's up with the info from ladrillerons y Juanchaco?
The surfers from Cali....Is it that bad to mention your spots or you just don't want nobody to know about it?....Share the stoke and let the good waves roll!

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