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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 05-11-2002

yo - a colombian surfer that lives in barcelona.specially in barranquilla.ive surfed all my life all the beaches surrounding the carribbean.tayrona,puertocolombia,cartagena...i havent been home for 1 year and a half and cant wait to ride the bolsiilo and the muelle and go camp out...
ive been travelling all around europe, including portugal, south of france(hosseggor,bordeaux,paisvasque),portugal, and canary all the surfers out there raising the colombian flag just wave it hight...cause we rock....
to that lost only advice is be carefull...not many surfers in sergio navarro at tavarua surfshop in barranquilla, maybe hell join you or you can join him in the caribbean now that the waves will jack up with the winds of december or he might know some surfers i cali....his phone # is 5753781174.its a surfshop...we re really interested in making a trip to that side..just feel scared of soo much insecurity....have fun and contact my friend he´ll help you...also to th0se of you interested in buyin him....good bye to all and hope to hear from ya people soon

By , 31-10-2002

Pacific side - I'm an aussie. Been on the road surfing for 8 1/2 years (working odd jobs here and there). Just hit Nuqui on the Pac. side. Nuqui is safe and has a river mouth which had a nice long left. Needs swell though, and don't know how consistant the banks are?
Went furhter to the point, and stayed for week. Para-milita controlled, probably okay if your not blonde like me, had to have a guide the whole time. Found a perfect left reef out at the tip (need a boat) but it was tiny. Don't know if it holds swell or not, but it looked great. Now in Cali, want to explore further south but dont know anyone. Is anyone out there who can provide some hospitality and info for me. I have no problem answering any questions if you have any.

By , 26-10-2002

El Pacífico - hola, I´m trying to send a mail to surfera to ask them some info on the Pacific, I´m living at Tumaco, but haven´t got any waves yet, please write me to my email, I really want to surf soon.
Thanks to all you guys that tell us some things on the surfing in our home Colombia
Hope to hear from you
enjoy the ride

By boce, , 23-10-2002

san andres surfing - hola! este mensaje es para cualquier surfer que tenga pensado ir a san andres en noviembre, diciembre o enero, es la mejor temporada de surf alla, cualquier cosa nos pueden escribir o si quieren fotos o lo que sea a

By , 22-10-2002

surfer girl - HEY, Im a Colombian transplant that live along the Californian coast. I was soo happy to read about the surf in my home land. And I was always
thinkinng that there was no surf, thinking to my self " wow im the only colombian surfer." but now i have an other excuse to go back home..
"first Colombian longboarder"

By surfera , 13-10-2002

the pacific is waiting for you - This message goes to the colombians surfers that live in the atlantic ocean, only to invite you guys to come down to visit us because we are getting bore of surfing by our selves... this is the seasson and also because besides Lamprea none of you has come to check Ladrillos o el Valle, is being time to explore a little your country. Aqui los coonectamos y ayudamos frescos.

By , 03-10-2002

looking for surfboard - hello,
im trying desperately to buy a surfboard in COlombia but i cannot find info about surf shops or shapers or anything. please send me any info.
hola, estoy interesado en comprar una tabla en COlombia (estoy en bogota) pero no encuentro informacion de surf-shops, shapres ni nads. porfavor escribanme sobre algun lugar o persona que me pueda ayudar

By , 01-10-2002

Help, need surf info on San Andres & Providencia! - Hola amigos! I need some info on san andres. I'm going there this November to meet up with my wifes family from medellin (paisas). This coast has got to have waves. Having surfed costa rica's east coast serveral times and surfed in Santa Marta (Tyrona & vicinity). I'll post some info when I get back.

By terry , 11-09-2002

just one more thing - Dude, respect. Colombia not Columbia.

By anonymous , 11-09-2002

just one more thing - Dude, respect. Colombia not Columbia.

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