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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Michael , 13-06-2003

Wonderful surfing experience in Colomia - I´m actually working (since 2 months)in Bogota and obviously, as an"old" surfer I brought my surfboard along. Some 4 weeks ag I decided to fly to Santa Marta and look for some waves in the Parque Tayrona. Great place, very beautiful and unspoiled. I happened to meet some really nice lcals (Juan Pablo from Santa Marta and Daniel from Barranquila), who tok me to some nice surfng spots in the Tayrona area. We had two great surfing days with 4-5 foot swell and just the three of us in the water. These days reminded me of the "good old days" of surfing, with just nature, few people and nice vibe. No hassling, crowds, competing for the best areal, chicks impressing...

I want to thank specially Juan Pablo for showing me the local treasures, and want to get back there to join some waves with these very special and friendly guys. Hope you get some good waves until I can join you again !!!

As an exotic austrian Surfer with great stoke (I have been surfing for more than 30 years now all over e world), I feel myself extremely happy in having this unique opportunity of surfing in this beautiful country and it`s friendly people and surfers. And please, don`t let`s make a cross-national war because of some stupid surfing dudes that happen to exist in the so called "developed" surfing countries.

Muchos Saludos y Gracias por la hospitalidad hasta ahora,

By gringo paisa , 08-05-2003

Olas donde? - Son olas circa Bahia Solano? O circa Uraba?

By anonimata , 08-05-2003

locombianos surfos - la situa no es del todo facil pero hay que arriesgarse y conocer mejor nuestras olas, realmente no podemos esperar que venga un gringo hp ha picarselas que fue el primero que surfio, tal break o tal otro, pero ese no es el problema por que lo mas probable es que despues de surfear tal break fijo se lo llevan ha cocinar un par de añitos en el monte.... lo que si es clave es que uds surfos del atlantico bajen y vean el potencial del pacifico, por que aqui si se pone y sobre todo el valle, choco. Para los que conocen costa rica, el valle es mas o menos como dominical pero sostiene mas tamaño...

By King Kookulele , 07-05-2003

Mahalo Nui - Es la verdad gringo paisa, vibe on!!!

By gringo paisa , 06-05-2003

pick up the vibe - I just want to pick up King's thread/response to Tico. I'm a gringo, too, Tico, who deeply loves Colombia. Colombia has been a powerful part of my life for twenty years. My wife is paisa and beautiful like the mountains of her Antioquia. Our daughters identify more with being paisa than with being Americans. That's just fine with me. I'm proud of their great Colombian heritage and proud that they are growing up to be bilingual and able to live in both cultures.

I'm a native Californian--been surfing for more than 30 years (living for now in Florida). I can't think of anything I would rather do than share some waves and respectful vibes with some Colombian surfers on their home breaks. I've always welcomed foreigners to my breaks in California. I hope the Colombianos would do the same for me, and turn me onto some of the good breaks in Colombia.

Something Colombian surfers need to remember. Yes, there are many gringo assholes who surf, but there are many gringos who surf who are good people, too. Permit me to write in bad Spanish: Claro, hay muchos pendejos gringos en el mundo. Pero por ellos yo dijo "Aaaaveee Maria, puessss!" o "No intiendo un culo!" Recuerdese, hay muchos gringos, como yo, que respetan otros personas, y especialmente los colombianos." Nos gusta mucho Colombia. Queremos vivir en la paz y con tranquilidad entre nos culturas. Aloha es un sentimiento relativo y no depende en nacionalidad y fronterizas. Es mi sueno a montar las olas de Colombia un dia. Y Tico, para ti, no cervesa, pero un guaro y salud. "Libertad y orden" extiende al mar, si?

I hope to see all you Colombian surfers in the line-up on the Colombian coast one day soon. Until then, hasta pronto,
El Gringo Paisa

By King Kookulele , 06-05-2003

and another thing.... - Even to begin to trash my family and friends without knowing them, equating them to Baywatch and Madonna just shows the class of person you are TICO...Its all gravy dude. If we should cross paths in the lineup I would buy you a beer anyway. Do you surf Colombia? You probably are a real Bacan (Bruddah to da max)just misunderstanding my position on the thread. I can deal with reverse discrimination, but really have not had to in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, or the other places I have lived. Wasn't intending to brag, just a fact of my life offered to add more depth to the thread regarding the issue of territorialism/localism and the gringo invasion to the coasts of Colombia. Point: Not all gringos surfing in Colombia are yankee kooks on tourist visas. Some actually respect the local population enough to live with and learn from them, have Colombian citizenship, and try to live in two worlds. With that said, lets all go surf!!!!

By King Kookulele , 06-05-2003

Don't Hate - Are you nuts or do you like nuts. Who wouldn't like a beautiful babe to look at. Oh yeah, you. Who wouldn't like to jam with Cabas, Bloque de Busqueda, or Jaguares on a personal level. Oh yeah, you. Dude I'm down to earth bro and its seem that you are too but why the hate. Share aloha. If you wanna hate so much go join the ELN or the FARC. Bad Kharma in the water is definitely not good any way you look at it.

By Tico , 05-05-2003

Oooohh.. what a cool dude! - Actors, actresses, and musicians for a family! I'd rather not have BayWatch and Madonna showing up at my home barrio break, thanks1

By King Kookulele , 05-05-2003

Colombia Tierra Querida - I am one those in between. I am gringo and cannot and will not deny it. I love Colombia too. My wife is from Colombia and her/my family is still there. I am going to continue going to Colombia and surfing in Colombia for the rest of my life. Chevere. You never know who I'll show up with either, actors, actresses, and or, my family. Don't be surprised if I show up to your break with Cabas.

By la surfa , 29-04-2003

a surfiar - hello everybody, i´m the surfing girl living at the south pacific Tumaco. I have been having fun all by myself while you loss your time arguing about gringos, don´t worry they are too afraid of us. so cool down and go get wet
waves still rock thanks to El Niño, have fun

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