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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By anonymous , 27-03-2004

Ladrilleros the place to go - Ladrilleros is a beautyfull part of the Colombian pacific, and the waves are wonderfull, and you can even rent the surf table at a place at the beach called "flotadores" if you wanna party the place to be is "Punto de Encuentro". All right to get there fly to Cali-Colombia, take a cab to the Bus terminal in cali, then you have pleny of choices to get to Buenaventura. Once in Buenaventura you can walk to the "muelle" or ask directions to Juanchaco, the best option is to go out the terminal an you'll be in downtown Buenaventura all you have to do is ask if posible in a store how to get to Juanchaco. The "muelle" is no far from the Buenaventura bus terminal maybe 10 blocks. Once in the "muelle" (Dock) you have pleny of choices to take a speed boat (Do not take boat is like a 6 hour trip), the fare it's about 10 dollars you can buy round trip or one way (best way to go if don'y know when returning is buy one way) take the speed Boat to Juanchaco (45 Min Trip), once there you can walk the 1 mile to Ladrilleros or take a truck, you can find hotel as low as 3 USD a night. If you want better you'll find. If you like to use a tent you can pay in a hotel to place you tent under a roof (It rains a lot). The best time to go are the 1st 2 weeks of January and on March or April (On the pass over week a lot of turist) and in Jul-Aug to see the whales. Take it easy enjoy and be as carefull as being in New York City. Have a wonderfull Trip.

By a local , 25-03-2004

extreme caution - For surfers not from Colombia, or locals who don't read the papers: Please avoid all breaks in Parque Tayrona for the time being. There is increased paramilitary activity there, many new coca fields and the paras murdered the director of the park (6 rounds in the heart) for bringing the police in to clear some fields. Also avoid Mendihuaca, waves are not that great. There have been numerous kidnappings of foreigners too. Pray for peace in Colombia.

By , 17-03-2004

Looking for a surfboard - I need one or two surfboards 7´´6" aprox. or longer. I´m in Bogotá if anybody has one or knows someone, please contact me to my email. Thanks.

By el abuelo, , 14-03-2004

surfing Colombia - El surf esta pumping en Cbia, hace poco hubo sun swell y las olas estujvieron muy buenas en Cartacho y pradorro, y ahora nuevamente está subiendo...God bless our ocean.

Rgds, paz y buenas olas

By , 10-02-2004

Chan Moore - glad to see that this page is still active. there is a surf competition tour setup this year for Colombia. they are going to compete in the caribe and in the pacific. it looks like some of the heavier spots in colombia is where the competitions will take place. good luck all.
Chan Moore

By , 18-11-2003

We found Excellent waves - Two weeks ago 3 surfers went to Nuquí (pacific side) I have been surfing there alone for 5 year and I liked to know the opinion of caribean surfers.....They said El Chileno is world class and other very good. specialy El Hueco, los tres y Mahecha.....We dont have guerilla in the area..I`m surfing 50 % of the year there.. Some one interest just mail me

By anonymous , 25-07-2003


By Tim P Tdesk69(at) , 22-07-2003

Surf near Santa Marta - Hey, my name is Tim, a NJ local visiting family and getting back to my roots in my parents hme country. Being crazy gringo de Jersey,I have no idea about any kinda of surf conditions in this beautiful country. I will be going down to Santa Marta tomorrow afternoon from Cali, and in 2 weeks I will be going to Cartagena. What I miss most about the US right now on this 6 week trip is practicing my sport: no surf for over 4 weeks....
Can anyone help me out here? Where can I rent boards in the area? Are there any decent, relativly acessible spots from any of these cities? Any decent spots not so acessible from these cities? Email me at Tdesk69(AT) or reply here i guess.
Great site, by the way; I had no idea there was such a surf scene here in Colombia, let alone any surf scene. Thanks for any help anyone can give!

By mpdal , 17-07-2003

To answer some questions - Surfing is best on the Pacific coast. If you can get there El Valle is one of the best. Just off the main part of town in front of the hotels (if you want to call them that) is a nice beach break. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BEACH! Sets are frequent, and there are a few VERY friendly locals (from Cali) that surf there.

North of Nuqui, the main town on the Pacific, has some spots too. The transportation here is in the form of small boats (there are no roads along the whole coast). They take you anywhere, but can be expensive.

Choco (the region on the Pacific) is just unbelievable, nothing like it anywhere. Sufing there and staring back at the huge jungle covered mountains plunging into the Pacific is amazing. No roads, no electricity in most of towns, but is really a paradise.

As far as the women go in Colombia (from question below). Friendly, sweet, sexy and LOVE Americans! i know, I am married to one!

With all that said, it should be a paradise -- But the situation in Colombia is truly not good. I was there about three years ago and things were ok. But since then it has become a civil war. Choco (on the Pacific) and Santa Marta (on the Atlantic), both surf areas, used to be VERY safe, but not anymore. Choco inhabitants are now victims of the violence, and the FARC is operating near El Valle! The situation is so sad for the local people there, violence was unheard of in Choco.

I recommend not going for now. But if you do, let me know how it went. i would love going back there.

By ceholli , 23-04-2003

Look at - All that beautiful coast line in Columbia,warm waters,dying to surf it.

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