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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 01-08-2005

Santa Marta - What's the chances of getting decent waves Santa Marta around January?

By Cabo Burnt , 27-06-2005

Surf Reports for Cartagena and Barranquilla - Does anybody know how I can get surf reports for these two places? I'll be there in two weeks and dying to know if there will be surf and if I should take my board.

By anonymous , 21-11-2004

san andres surf - I am thinking that there must be more than one place to surf on this island...can anyone help

By , 19-11-2004

Chan Moore - Oh, keep in mind that the NE trades hammer this coast from Dec. to April. You got to get on it really early. Tayrona seems to have more glassy days than the Cartagena Barrq' area at this time. In my opinion anyway. I'll be windsurfing mostly in Cartagena. Peace.

By , 19-11-2004

about Tayrona - "the paras murdered the director of the park (6 rounds in the heart) for bringing the police in to clear some fields." I don't think that was the park director (or was this another incident?). My understanding was it was the guy that ran the resturant in Arrecifes and he owned someone money or something. I know this from a close friend who knew that guy. Then again, I could be wrong.

There are not many places on the planet where you can surf, and from the water see snow on mountain tops. The water is crystal clear, and the view from the water alone is worth the trip. I went there for the first time in '74, it has changed. I think it's nicer now. More comfortable, and they do have police patroling inside the park. Awesome place my brother and sister surfers.

Waves are most consistant from Nov. to April. From 1 foot to 16 foot faces. Mostly toward the smaller range. And I'll be going for 2 1/2 months this winter, Yessss! I'll mostly be in Cartagena, but plan to go to Tayrona too. Yesss Yessss Yessss. I deserve this trip.

By , 06-11-2004

GREAT TIME>>> - Hey It sounds like somebody is going to score in San Andres....I would say November would make for a good month to surf in san Andres...Be aware there is only one spot in the whole island but crowds are not a major concerned...As a matter of fact pray so you come across a surfer there. Anyways you wouls score something decent!

By , 22-10-2004

san andreas - i will be going to san andreas nov 7th, how are the waves there? and how is it this time of year? thx and aloha jim

By mkd , 17-08-2004

San Andres Island - Does anyone know what the surfing is like here?
I understand the diving/snorkeling is amazing but is there any decent breaks for beginners/intermediate surfers and are there any rental shops?

By anonymous , 02-08-2004

Surfing Nuquí Colombia "Pico de loro" - A very good wave, we were there with Yoyi (2004 national champion) and others, Nice trip, the cabins incredible, El Cantil ecolodge. I found them in the net. Nice people

By ceholli , 11-06-2004

Never did - Get to surf the pacific coast of Colombia;I stayed in the country for 4 months in Bogota and really liked it! The people were friendly but things were getting a little sketchy and the job was even more sketchy. Maybe someday I will get there! I hope so.

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