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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 El gringo

Chile, Tarapaca

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By Anonymous , 23-08-2008

aftermath - dont worry folks,your predictions did not come out right, the place still took care of gnarly,rocky,foggy,cold..regarding the guy that brought up the brazilians issue in his comment,get lost dude....we(brazos) are a couple hours(flight) from the break...we ve been going there for a long time,but no reason to worry, just a few surf there...

By Anonymous , 12-07-2007

- I don't see why people would want to rush to a place that's cold and the wave is super heavy. It's not for everyone and not my idea of fun.

By seasoned surf travler , 28-06-2007

Exposure=crowds - Face it, wether the spot was well known before or wasnt, it definetly wasnt a secret spot for sure, the fact is that is received an incredible amount of exposure this last week. Just look at the dates of the comments post for this spot. There were a little more than a handful of comments from 2005 to April 2007. Then in just 3-4 months, there are more than 3 times the number of posts, all having to do with this contest. It will take a little bit of time for this spot to mature with crowds, it wont happen overnight (though it could if it becomes the wave of choice for the Brazilian traveling surf community - no disrespect, but they travel DEEP with friends). However, days of when you paddled out there with under 5 people are quickly going to come to an end and thats that. And IMO, thats a shame, but who cares what you and I think, you cant undo whats been done and frankly so what. The surf industry and surfing in general has become so comercialized and image driven, you can buy into it from a Pez dispenser. Just be happy that the wave is too much for 99% of you out there, so its no direct loss to you.


By Anonymous , 28-06-2007

I agree - I agree.. i have known about this place for ages and juts because there was a CT event run there doesn't mean that Rip Curl and the ASP are killing off these places.. For the locals the search is the highlight of a lifetime to have these superstars surf in their town.. U wanna complain about crowds then go some place else. Low crowds is a thing of the past and if score some place uncrowded then ur very lucky... Until then just enjoi the waves while u can

By Anonymous , 26-06-2007

Grow up - mate all i can say is shut the F........K up!!!This wave has been know about for ages....By both body boarders and surfers its no ones wave more than the others...Arica needs events like this to boost tourism,and more so exposure.Just because they have held a wct event dosent mean its a doomed wave grow up.....

By bodyboarders go deeper , 16-06-2007

Bodyboarders Where Here First - I am a bodyboarder who has known about el gringo for a couple of years now and its stayed pretty much underground until the big wig WCT and rip curl found out about this spot. I surf this spot when the arica challenge was on last year when all the pros where there for the IBA World tour and it was uncrowded and the locals loved the competition. All i am trying to say is that we are selling out some of the most of the best underground waves on the bodyboarding scene to the big wig surf companies who want to ruin every great bank.

By Anonymous , 11-06-2007

rip - you are right rip curl dont care about anything unless it suits them just look what they did in Mex and now they back doing what they do best screwing people

By Billy , 07-06-2007

Globalisation - It happened the same to Mundaka. Once the world got to knew this place, has been packed since. This is Globalization and there is little we can do to stop this growing hunger of global expantion from international firms of all markets. Where are the real searches you use to do (in case you did) with your mates without the pointing finger of an economic dragon who just wants more?

By Anonymous , 27-05-2007

- go to, have a look at the trailer for the comp and you will see the town mayor, locals, local surfers are all stoked that the pro circus is cooming to town, unless you are from there yourself, keep your opinions to yourselves

By Anonymous , 20-05-2007

rip snif curl - andy higgins, neil ridgeway and rip curl do not care . its all about them . help the economy you are kidding yourself. it will do nothing for the town economy. there pockets yes , arica nothing . its all about rip curl. rabbit will be stoked with the rock in town .

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