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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Brazil, Sao Paulo North Coast

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By marcelobike , 07-10-2010

maresias - i agree maresias it gets hallow and big very powerful of the best waves in brazil.have fun and be polite with the locals they are hardcore.

By Anonymous , 17-10-2007

Maresias in June July? - Was thinking of coming down with my family, renting a house, and trying to catch a few. How are the crowds that time of year? What is the water temp like? Is the beach/town nice for little kids (4 and under)? What would it cost to hire (in $) help with my large family?

By Pipo , 18-12-2006

Marecas 4ever - When South swells pumps big, Maresias (or "Marecas" for those from São Paulo) is the place to be. If they come when East winds are blowing, you're a lucky man. On big days, unless you're being towed-in, be prepared to paddle like a madman and get some bone-cracking shakes (no canals). These photos are great and all but it should be noted that Maresias is not particularly consistent. Generally, you may spend quite a few days there without catching any waves. 2006 was definitely a unusually big year. Hopefully the swells will keep pumping in 2007! Peace.

By Anonymous , 14-12-2006

i dont think - i dont think that maresias can be surfed for anyone...just the experienced surfers can surf in a big day!!! a very good place to surf, stay , have fun!!!

By bluejuice , 08-12-2006

beware - Maresias is the best wave in all são paulo coast(the ones that have road access....), the green mountains and perfect barrels can hypnotize anyone, beautiful landscape, and great nightlife and chicks all over the place, in th summer of course...but beware, paradise can turn into hell if you disrepect some crazy socalled locals who think they own the beachif the swell is over 6 ft , jetskis will be on the line up for sure, and regarding the violence, always pick rferences of the places you should stay, there are a lot od thieves surronding the area,mostly at night or stealing closed apartments or houses......if the swell is not pure south with e winds ...go to camburi...that receives the mixed swells better than maresias.........good waves to all...and respect to be respected.......

By Anonymous , 28-11-2006

perfect - great surf, SUPER HOT GIRLS, rockin parties, oh yeah the place has a freakin incredible visual surrounding = HEAVEN

By felipe , 02-09-2006

- the best wave in Sao Paulo and among the best clubs in brasil - SIRENA. it gets perefect with south swell and east wind, fucXX good barrels

By anonymous , 12-04-2006

MARESIAS - Just spent a week surfing and sitting on the beach in this great town. Pretty quiet during the week, but comes alive during weekends... I have to say that we didnt get huge waves, but the water and beach was beautiful, the people were really cool, and it was just a great place to relax and spend some time. Great memories froma magic place.

By Brazilian Bodyboarder , 26-03-2006

Enjoy Maresias - Nice place, warm atmosphere, great barrels...

By anonymous , 09-05-2005

MARESIAS - waves of sao paulos north shore.....but the whole north coast rips......come visit!!!!!!!

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