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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Ilha dos lobos

Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

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By Anonymous , 05-01-2011

don´t turn right...... - if you go right the wave gets so hollow and the water so shallow that surely you will hit the rocks full of shellfish sharp as blades........ already saw bad injuries when someone tried to surf the right face of the wave on an 8 feet wave... imagine doing that on 20+......... the wave here is constant during the year on small sizes up to 8 feet. huge swells only during fall, winter and early spring when southern storms swells hit the island. perfect conditions you will find only a few times a year. even during summer it is possible to see perfect waves there but it is against the law even dropping on the island. this is a refuge for the sea wolves when on procreation. don`t ever paddle alone since the tides in the south atlantic are extremely powerful. the ones who call itself "locals" are just kids on its puberty. surfers here are in general friendly if you respect them of course.

By Anonymous , 08-06-2010

- Answering to the question posted by UKTW in 28-07-2003 (a bit late) - Yes, the guy did made it! His name is Alemao de Maresias and in fact that 35ft monster is the biggest wave ever surfed in Brazil. Too bad it is against the law to surf there now. There were many giant swells ever since that pic was taken and if even in Rio de Janeiro they had very big waves imagine the size of them in Ilha dos Lobos.

By River , 07-06-2010

Damn! - Looks like a Teahupoo/Pipeline/Shipsterns mix! Does people still surf there? I saw some videos and looks like the flows are very dangerous to go paddling and even with jet skis! The wave doesn't look too long to the left, why nobody tries to the right? Is because of the rocks?

By Anonymous , 04-06-2010

- Also 95% of the people in the south of Brazil have european origins (manly italians and germans that immigrated in the 18 century). The country that have the biggest number of germans and italians outside their countries is Brazil, in the south.

Just in case Banno thinks that we are all indians walking around naked... hahhaha

By Anonymous , 04-06-2010

- If anybody that lives in South America wants to train for Teahupoo that's the place.

It's possible to paddle in but is dangerous and you gotta know well the spot, always go with an experienced local, never try to go there alone.

The problem is that it can get bigger than Teahupoo! heheheh That's why is regarded as the most hardcore wave in the Atlantic.

By Anonymous , 04-06-2010

- WTF?!? This Banno guy comment is hilarious (must be high or something)... Piranhas!?! hahahah

Man, there are no piranhas here! That's in the extreme north of the country, in the Amazon jungle. This wave is in the extreme south, totally diferent thing (almost a diferent country because of the culture and kind of people). Here it's cold in the winter and sometimes there's even snow in the mountains... besides that the south is the most developed part of the country (the north and northeast are poor and violent).

And the city of Torres is a rich and beautiful place. There are skyscrapers there bigger than in your own city i bet.

By Tchehupoo , 02-06-2010

Correction - Sorry, my mistake... the sea-wolves and lions don't live in the island. They just show up some times to rest there and that's another reason for the IBAMA allow surf! Sooner or later they will because like i said before, there is already a study proving that tow-in has no impact in the animals.

By Tchehupoo , 02-06-2010

The Real Info - Actually it breaks around five TIMES per year in big swells... it is the most powerful wave in Brazil and one of the three biggests: Laje da Jaguaruna in Santa Catarina (breaks at 5km from the shore) and Tres Marias in Cassino beach (Secret Spot in the south of Rio Grande do Sul state in a city called Rio Grande) are the others and although they both have the potential to be bigger they aren't as perfect and massive as Ilha dos Lobos. The average size in Ilha dos Lobos is around 12ft but in good days it gets up to 24ft and perhaps even more in perfect conditions! Plus the waves sprays just like Teahupoo (that's why some call it Tchehupoo - Tche is a regional expression from Rio Grande do Sul). Also in Torres there are huge cliffs in the shore like in Mavericks so it's possible to see the island and the waves from up there (the "stone walls" are almost 40m high), but to see the waves clearly yo have to use binoculars... some brazilians here are complaining because this was the most hardcore secret spot in Brazil, but i think it's stupid trying to hide such a world class wave specially because very few have the skills and the balls to drop it. Nowadays it is not allowed to surf there because it's an ecological reserve and the jet skis may disturb the sea-wolves and lions that live in the island (there was a stuty proving that there is no effect though), but some crazy locals just go paddling to there.

By Anonymous , 20-12-2009

Against the law - Surfing in Ilha dos Lobos is against brazilian laws. It's a crime against nature!

By Felipe , 26-12-2006

This wave almost never breaks - It breaks about five days per year, usually during winter, after a storm.

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