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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Rio Grande do Sul


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By Anonymous , 07-06-2010

just 3 words to describe it - HOT BLONDE CHICKS!!!

By Gaucho , 02-06-2010

Most beatiful women on earth and that's all... unless you're a Big Rider! - Oh, and have i mentioned about the beautiful girls? =D

By Gaucho , 02-06-2010

Most beatiful women on earth and that's all... unless you're a Big Rider! - Home of two out of the three biggest waves in Brazil and many hot gorgeous womens (this is the top-model paradise on earth!), Rio Grande do Sul should be the number one surfing place in the country right? Unfortunately no... apart from that there isn't much left for surfers with one big straight shore line of sand from north to south with a strong messed up and stormy sea (the water colour is dark and brown because of algaes) with cold temperatures during most of the year and freezing during the winter. I must say that there are some good spots in Torres and Atlantida and thousens of hot girls during the summer (specially in a music festival called "Planeta Atlantida") but usually the Gauchos (how are called the inhabitants of Rio Grande do Sul) surfers prefer go to Santa Catarina. For big riders this is a special place though... a world class wave, massive like Teahupoo and in big days up to 24ft, breaks in Ilha dos Lobos (wolves island) around 2km from the shore. Nowadays it's not allowed to surf there but sooner or later they will allow because there is already a study proving that tow-in has no impact in the animals (that sometimes use the island as a resting place). The other big wave spot is very unknow in the rest of the country, it's called Tres Marias and breaks 5km from the shore in Cassino beach.

By Anonymous , 11-01-2010

go there for the girls - Just top-model-style girls. No kiddin'...

By phillip , 29-07-2009

Beautiful women - Beautiful women!! Beautiful!! Surf can be lousy sometimes, but girls... Wooaahh! The're just marvelous! Have never seen women like that here in ZA... By the way, surf is better in a next state heading north (in the summer the "gaucha girls" are there too!)

By Fernando , 27-12-2006

Some Incorrect Data - I really agree when the guys had mentioned you can find here the world's beautiful women . At this point, Rio Grande do Sul is totaly epic, world classic, don´t you ever miss it !!!
Talking about the waves, they break in good conditions no more than 10 days a year. It's always mixed up, moved by strong sidewinds. Offshore winds here are not common, but sometimes it would happens by march and april mornings. But its very rare.
If you are looking for finding good waves in Brazil, its not the place. Look forward Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio and if you want to ride the best brazilian barrels your destination is Fernando de Noronha.

By Anonymous , 28-11-2006

- Not such a great state to surf especially when you have Santa Catarina right above you. But I have never seen such a high quality of hot women all in one place in my life..I fell in love 100 times in Florianopolis and thought there is no way it can get better than this...thats what i love about Brasil, it shocks you all the time...As far as i am concerned I died and woke up in heaven in Rio Grande do Sul, thanks to all you lovely girls, I am so jealous of all the guys down there..valeu Ricardo for introducing me to all those Gauchas!!! i will be back soon!!

By Ramiro , 24-11-2006

Wrong - Really it's incorrect...the best season to surf in Rio Grande do Sul is mar/apr/jun..but in june the water is already real cold, about 13, 14 °C. The winter is long, needs long john...Torres is the best area for surf, it's last city up north, border with Santa Catarina! The NE wind is bad and cames frequently, staying always by 3 or 4 days...and as the other bro says, the big swells from south many times the beaches don't holds. Torres is the best, Cal, Prainha and Molhes...and Ilha dos Lobos, but only with a jet and it's unauthorized because the sea wolfs

By Daniel , 30-08-2006

- General Info about Rio Grande do Sul is WRONG!!!! Please corect it. Thanks.

By , 30-08-2006

Wrong Data - Impossible to surf in Rio grande do Sul inwinter wearing a springsuit. You're frozen in ten minutes. Please review the information above. Also, the september/october temperature is wrong. I posted some correct data but you ignored so far.

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