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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Brazil, Rio Grande Do Norte

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By Anonymous , 17-07-2008

pipa... better bf - i spent a lot of time in Pipa and it need a good swell to see a decent wave.
The waves are most of the time affectet by onshore wind.
If you're around there, go to bf. You'll find a better quality wave.

By Anonymous , 19-06-2007

- There are two surf seasons at Pipa. December to March which picks up N to NE swells and June to September which picks up S to SE swells. You can surf diferent waves at these seasons. Both seasons are very nice. Falou!!!

By travelling surfer , 15-06-2007

surf in pipa ?? - if you want to surf dont come to pipa it s always windy ....the place is good for nightlife but not for surfing unless you re a beginner ... otherwise the place is beautiful i recomend staying at pousada aconchego ..

By norway surfer , 09-05-2007

surf in pipa. - wich season is best to come to pipa? is dec-april a good time? i dont need 8foot waves because i just started to surf so i like a bit smaller waves and alot off space so i dont hurt myself or anyone else with my big board.

By Bob Surf Camp , 24-12-2006

enjoy tibau do sul - i´ve been at Tibau do Sul, little town about 5 kms north from Pipa for 5 seasons.
It´s an excelent place and locals are quite friendly, just have some respect like any other surfing place in the world....
You can find a couple of point breaks at Tibau do Sul that work on north, northeasterly or big east swells: parracho, right hand point break, urtigas which is a left/right wave outer reef, paddle 20 min., plus two beach breaks: bóia which is sloppy when the southeast wind picks up and cacimbinhas, very hollow, fast, close out inside, but on a bigger swell, it can pump generous left/right handers....
At Pipa there are a couple of more point breaks such as lajão, lajinha, abacateiro and others....
Gotta find em... There are other little surf towns along this state coast.
With no swell, try to take some kitesurf lessons as the wind picks up at mid morning.
For those who spoke bad about Pipa and their locals, fuck you all. It´s a great place, specially off season.

By beach breaker , 16-06-2006

all of you ungreatfull people... - hey bunch of ungreatfull assholes, we have to take your shit, to come here polute our minds with capitalistic way of thinking so what we use banana hangers, at least we have bananas...
and about the surfing, no... you volcom, billabong brain washed trendy boys...
we are not selfish. you just come here and invade our land ( ocean, waves) like it was yours, give us some respect cuz we dont need outsiders like you...
leave us alone with our nature...
if you didnt like it good stay away..
and by the way you probably didnt get more waves then us cuz you probably suck at surfing..
best regards from pipa local...

By , 10-06-2006

more surf spots in pipa... - i totally agree with daniel, i also live in pipa for 3 years now, and love beach aint the best surf spot of pipa.
besides the spots he mencion you also have lajinha, abacateiro, sororóka and cacimbinhas.
-lajinha: a very fast right drop tubular wave with a really shallow rocky botom if you dont manage to drop perfectly at once... man... ( your really fucked )...
wen its really good you can even put a pick up truck on the barrel...
-abacateiro: its a right long tubular wave with sick pointy rocks coming from all directions.. kind of the place were you wanna surf wen a swell comes and lajão is tottaly crowded...
-sororóca:the bodyboarders dream land :)
a left wave were a right wave conects with itand it makes kind of a " v " shape so bodyboarders love this one for aerials... rocky botom.
-cacimbinhas: not used by many cuz of is distance from town, this is the place were you can surf alone.
sand botom with right and left tubular waves mostly in the ofshore wind in the morning. ( in the afternoon wen the sun aint so strong and the sand isnt that hot you can just pick up your sandboard climb the big dunes next to the beach and downhill you go).
p.s_ our friend daniel forgot to mencion that the wave from praia do madeiro also gives this really long left waves of 70 to 90 meters of surf and in the last session you just catch this perfect left barrel.
good luck and keep on tracking...
octavio duarte ( if you come to pipa searching for surf spots our surf lessons, contact me my e-mail is

By Luckyone , 26-12-2005

Nice but fast ! - I was in Pipa for one week in December, i agree with the fact that in "praja do amor" the wawes are good but ONLY in high tide or with the tide coming up, be carefull because they close up very fast in shallow water, and it's not always simple to go right or left and exit before they close, surf them as a barrel taking off with an angle or you risk a nasty wipe out, another thing to check out is the wind, the less is the better is, try to find an high tide early in the morning you will have slower wind, if you catch a no-wind day is the best !

By FOKLIN , 05-08-2005

Paradise??? - I was in Pipa for the first time this year on February and let me teel you i saw "Baia do Golfinhos" working with 1,5m for 1 day but that big long Right real make me thought about coming back.
As for the locals....... doods this guys are there all year surfing "their" Spot so it's natural that they don't act very well, but this is like this all over the world and then there's also lot's of crowd and i think this is the way they find to keep surfing waves.
I'm a Bodyboarder and i was there for 15 days and only saw like 4 guys bodyboarding, but i didn't have problems with locals, i think it all come to one thing "RESPECT".
Well just one more thing, the first time i went surfing at "Baia dos Golfinhos" as soon as i got in the outside there were like 4 dolphins arround me, at the beginning i didn't have sure that it was dolphins........ but it was amazing, it's also normal to give fruit to litle monkeys on "Praia do Madeiro", and let me tell you brazilian food it's just..... GREAT!!!!
Well for all this i think this is a litle paradise, lets hope it wiil be kept like that for years and years.
Btw i'll come back in September :O)

By , 20-09-2004

other spots at pipa - i am local from pipa, and i have comments regarding other
spots at pipa / brasil. if u want to check by yourself u can find more details at hp, actually is a very good place to surf. swells from flat to 8 feet are seen there, and u can find lots of spots there, most of them are rights reef breaks. the most required is not "praia do amor", as we can see in your good page. this is the more known but not the best. i prefer the "Lajão", that is a magical reef break that works from flat to 8 feet. is not very constant, but during the summer (from november to march), swells coming from northeast make this and other reef spots very surfable in pipa. During the early morning is the best time for surfing here, because of the offshore winds. the wave is very perfect and fast, with lots of barrels, about three or four tubular sections.

other magical spot next to pipa is called "Praia do Madeiro", it is also a right reef break, and is protected from the southeast winds. it is a long right that takes about one minute surfing, but only for swells from 3 to 6/7 feet (less than this is not recommended). when the waves are good is the best place to go. perfect waves with tubular sections, and u can find dolphins there. Longboarders love this place. it is about three kilometers from north pipa, it is very quiet natural park, protected by the brazilian government. very beautiful and lisergical. for more details please contact me by e-mail <> i have photos of there and i would like to share more information (i want to know more about indonesia, especially mentawai)

Go surfing!!!!!

Daniel Soares

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