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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Pico de matinhos

Brazil, Parana

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By Leo_33 , 05-06-2012

Nice spot - Pico de Matinhos is a very nice surf spot however it only works a few times during the year, especially during winter. It’s too risk to travel all the way to Matinhos to check if it’s working.
I have surfed there a few times and never had problems, in my opinion the problem are not the REAL locals, which are good surfers and some are very humble. The real problem is those guys who “think” are locals and don't have good surfing skills and try to intimidate everyone who surfs better than them. They are normally friends of locals and are always in the search for trouble.
If you are looking for good surf spots go south and head to Santa Catarina, better surf and better girls (MY OPINION).

By John , 27-07-2009

Locals and crowd - Meet a local guy and go surf there.

Please stay in peace and good waves.

Best wave in this State, but only in te winter....

See ya

By Lucas , 04-11-2008

Rebuilt - Pico de Matinhos is got a very long lengh on good days, I´d say it´s one of the 05 longest waves in the country, it can get over 300 mts. Also, this spot´s got rocks on its botton and it can get dangerous on big days.

By Tiago , 22-01-2008

Not it true lokels! - I have the name Tiago. Many days I do a surfing at Pico and I am ripping with air and also tube it. Lokel here are not real because I have drops on them and then we go beach and I punch them on face. Brasil is best because of surfing, women and party. Also, we travel everywhere in huge groups and surf like total kooks and make tons of noise and just want to do drugs.

By Anonymous , 23-04-2007

- Pico de Matinhos is a Point Break!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous , 12-02-2007

- about this localism stuff... i´ve been to this spot last year and surfed it normally, without any problem. it was kinda crowded, which is not a good thing in a point break, that breaks exactly in the same spot, but from times to times, the crowd would be a little smaller. it´s a matter of timing. problem is, there are a lot of longboarders, which difficults the struggle for the waves. but i surfed for 2 dayz this spot and it was awesome

By Luis Coruja , 17-01-2007

Reality - The reality is said below... respect to be respected! Go out there and don't paddle straight to the sets, never jump off the rocks and sit on your board waiting for the best waves because you won't have them... be patient, surf the waves between the sets, they sometimes are better, if you do well you'll be more respected and the locals will start to look at you not as a cook anymore, but as a guy who knows what his place is and I'm sure things you be better everytime you go out there. This is not just for Pico de Matinhos, but for every other spot on Earth! I've seen Brazilians snaking people and talking loudly on the outside in many places around the World and that's why our image has been damaged year after year. Please, be respectful, wait your turn and first of all KEEP A LOW PROFILE!

By Letsurf!! , 25-10-2006

understood? - Like the bro said under,
Filipe, if u want to surf in this spot, u need to respect the locals!!first!!
after that, maybe you gonna catch some sick waves!!
Nao adianta chegar dando liçao d moral e criticando os locals!! Pq se fizer isso, nao vai pegar nada!!! Seja esperto!!Nao precisa criticar, pois td mundo sabe q eh casca grossa aqui!!!! Se todos(Haoles) se comportarem bem no pico, quem sabe, nao vai aliviar um poco a situaçao!
Se o pico esta nesta condiçao d forte localismo, eh por uma razao, nao???pense um pouco nisso!!!!
If this spot it is in a strong localism situation now, it must have a reason!!
Think bro!!!

Good Luck and good waves!!

By Anonymous , 23-10-2006

Ok - oh, beautiful comment Filipe!
Porem eu duvido q vc nao dah uma de local no seu pico! Cada um na sua, bro!! Nao mexe com local e chega na humildade, pega as ondas. Troca ideia com local, melhor ainda, pega um poco mais. Chega folgando, vai leva pedala robinho na cabeça! O Problema q a fatia dos folgados, q eh cerca d 80-90%(pregos e nao pregos), eh e sera sempre maior!
Agora chato que vem dar liçao de moral, nao pega nada mesmo!!!
The biggest problem of the localism, is not the locals, but the behavior of some idiots haoles in the spot!!!Unfortenately, in the Brazil, the majority of the surfers become a idiot when them surf in outer spot, thinking : "oh i'm a king of this spot,and the biggest waves of the set is mine, fuck the locals!"! This is a fact!!!Not a joke!! Because that, the localism is so strong in some spots in Brazil, like Pico de Matinhos!!!!!!Respect the locals, and u can surf more!
keep trying Bro, but i'll catch more waves, and have more fun than u in this spot! Pelo menos no Pico de Matinhos!!hehehehehehe

By Adriano Tampa , 02-10-2006

- It is really a wave without equal in Brazil!

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