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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Fernando do Noronha


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By Francisco , 11-11-2007

- I have the same questions as kcook77 concerning surf shops or a local shaper on the island. Is there any? I have been told that waves get pretty rough and boards don't last that long in Noronha...

By Anonymous , 30-10-2007

Fernando de Noronha - Know everything on the island of Fernando de Noronha. Visit our website:

By Rostand Moraes , 02-08-2006

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil - If you want to know a Brazilian Hawaii you need to come to Fernando de Noronha Island. One of the most beautiful beaches in the word. Visit:

By lion , 06-06-2006

ola - any nice lonely salty girls lokin for a nice south african surfer....coming in dec to get tubed.

By Marcello , 06-04-2006

Biboca/not Boboca - Hi
I just want let you know about the missed spelled for Biboca and not Boboca.By the way I'm From Recife- Pernambuco and use to go to Noronha when only military connections were allowed there.It was a great time!Only a few friends, some natives, and the waves just for ourselves.This message is a contribution for the Webmaster, and not to be posted.

By Diego , 23-03-2006

April - I'm Diego, a surfer from Argentina. and i'm going to the island in April. Iwanted to know how is the swell during the first days of that month. Thank you.

By , 21-08-2005

Kiwi - Hey im from New Zealand, just finished traveling europe and asia, and finished studying, really wont to get to brazil and spend as much time there as possable, waves look mint( sick barrels)
does anyone now what the story is with accomitation, cost and easyness to find, here it can be quite dodge travelling by yourself, whats the low down with this. any info would be good. might head over arround october to march,

By , 17-07-2005

Plenty of barrels!! - Fernando de Noronha is hands down the best waves in Brazil and rivals a lot of good tubes out there in the world. The surf season is short, November - March, but you are almost sure to catch it if you go at that time. I went in December for a few days and got some good barrels with not many guys surfing. I understand that it gets more crowded during Feb. and March when the swell pumps and the sand is set up better. The entire island is a nature preserve with a daily tax supposedly to maintain the environment. You wouldn't know it from all the trash that you find tossed all over the place. Apparently all those tax dollars($15 a day per person) goes into the pockets of the state politicians in Pernambuco, and nothing remains on the island. If you look at the photo of Praia Cachorro, you will see the barrel that I caught there. The next day, I got smacked by my board in the forehead and had three stitches sewn up by a very nice Brazilian lady doctor at the local hospital. They say I was lucky to find someone there, but I was in and out of there in an hour, from the time I left the water. Not bad for the so-called third world.

By , 05-06-2005

Surfing in Fernando de Noronha - Hi there! I visited the the island in november 2004 and it was a strange but great place! What it is sad about the island is the conditions there...the island is almost a complete natur reserve. There are almost no inhabitants, and there is nothing to buy there, except food and that sort of stuff... If you wan't to surf there you must bring along your own board and gear, nothing to get there, except dive gear. The island is a great place for scuba diving. It is a very quiet place with very beautiful natur.
If you wan't to visit the place, don't stay for more than two weeks. You can get bored of the island in just one day!
Any questions, just e-mail me!

By , 28-11-2004

wrong name! - it isn`t "Fernando do noronha"
The right is "Fernando De noronha"

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