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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 27-05-2008

spots - there are lots of spots that are in the mardelplata-necochea coastline that are not in the web that can go off like everywhere else..

By Matt , 15-03-2008

Argentina Surf - I am 21 and currently living in BA until July '08. I am from East Coast US and was hoping to get a little surfing in while Im here. I brought 2 short boards and a solid 3mil.
I am studying abroad here so I cant get away for long periods of time, but will be good thursday-sunday every weekend. I am just looking for some travel advice from BA down to Mar Del Plata, or anywhere someone might suggest there will be surf. My Spanish is not great, but I can get by. Anyone know any good hostels, buses that are from BA-Mar Del Plata, beaches to surf... If anyone is in BA and wants to head down together Id love the company.

It may not be the best place to ask, but I hear surf in Uruguay can get good too. Plus theres a cheap ferry from BA - Montevideo. Anyone?

p.s. Holy week starts March 20 and I was hoping to plan a trip March 19 - March 23...

My e-mail is

By John , 04-03-2008

I LOVE MAR DEL PLATA!!! - I've benn there for a time, and it's great. Everyting there is great, the people, the girls, the food and they have many different types of waves. I stayed in a excellent hotel for surfers. It is called PLAYA VARESE INN and it is one block from Playa Varese beach. The people 10 points!!!

By Quinn , 11-05-2007

Best place to Live & Surf in Mar de Plata - There´s a great hostel right in front of Playa Grande where I stayed. Ok, surf in Argentina is not Chile, but this tends to be the most consistent beach in Mar del Plata, and you can just walk down to it. They´ve got boards to rent and all that, and its clean and a really good time. If you want to, you can set up long term stays as well. And the best street for going out is like a block away! AHHHH. A great time. Its called Hostel Playa Grande.

By , 10-05-2007

Proud Argentine surfer - We have greats spots...Quequen (sometimes huge!!!), Necochea and the Most beautiful city in Argentina Mar Del Plata with 100s of spots and secret spots...
So you can say my contrie is shit blah blah...but not the argentine surfers...we are a huge family...friends, beers and respect for the other...
So visit my contrie, you will be welcome!!!

By Anonymous , 22-01-2007

mujeres - lo mejor de argentina esta en mar del plata ,capital del surf

By Anonymous , 06-12-2006

Best Shaper? - Where is the best place to buy a new board in Mar Del Plata? Is Bessell the best shaper???

By Eire , 24-11-2006

july/aug surf - Hey, whats the surf like in july/aug? can surf 5/7 days?
And how many hours of light do you get at this time?
Also, any sharks?
Crowded/uncrowded/nice Crowd in mar del plata area at this time?

By stay anonymous , 21-09-2006

yes.... - brazil its better for surf also its a totally diferent beatifull country but argentina has also some waves and its a nice country so shut up

By Matias., , 21-09-2006

The best place - Hi Im Matias the best place to practice surfing in Argentina is Mar Del Tuyu and it 's also the nearest beach with big waves from Buenos Aires City

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