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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By seba , 22-10-2005

for 420 - hey 420 this seba i born in mardel but i,m sorry to tell you but january is not the best month for surfing down there ,the ware is warm probably 70' but the swells don,t hit until mid february ,you can still surf but you have to be lucky to hiy something bigger than 3or 4'but is crazy down there in summer lots of fun times down there best waves are south ,and hotels are every where or you could rent something a block from the beach real cheap i recomend alfar neighborhoos is where i,m from very fun spot ,you should take your own board because you could find one but takes somedays to do it you have to know the locals spots and shapers to get a good one ,good luck

By , 20-10-2005

Mar DEl Plata - Just take a 3/2and you probably wont need it bro. Water is somewhere between 18 and 21 C. Temp out of the water between 20 and 35C, freaking hot, and with all the babes on their g-strings basking in the beach it gets incredibly hot dude!!! hehehe!!!!
Buy a board in Mar del Plata, we ve got great shapers, you might enda up paying 250US for a brand new awesum board !! I can hel anyone wanting to visit Argentina, am a surfer and a travel Agent!!

By , 17-10-2005

Spanish and Surfin - Hi it's Becky from San Francisco, CA. I have a month break from my studies in January. I am wanting to take Spanish lessons and go surfing (beginner). Can anyone recommend me a Spanish school not to far from a good beach for beginners. Thanks, Becky

By anonymous , 02-10-2005

Hey 420! - Hi there! My name is Scott! I've been surfing for 10 yrs. I may be visiting Mar De Plata sometime in Jan 2006! cold is the air temp. and the water temp? Should I take with me a 3/2 fullsuit or a 2mm shorty? How consistent are the waves in Jan? Is it worth bringing my own board with me? How much does a new board cost there? Where can I rent a good board from? What accomodation do you recommend! If you or anyone else could help me in any way, it would be very grateful. Thanks!

By 420 , 22-08-2005

420boarder - hi im from mar del plata this are my favourite spots: almost in the centre of the city i ride Alfonsina a funny wave that start breaking in a point break called el paseo and finish into a closeout not worth a try for surfers but fun bor bboarders. more south than that we have la pepita a quality wedge but full of aggro locals. then you have a long beach called playa popular its a very powerfull shorebreak that gets hollow and hard to get with big swells , when this hapends we have a fat long big wave in the most right jetty to the south called El Torreon.
now we have lotsa of good spots often very crowded like playa grande then we have more not secret but not visible spots that im not going to comment.
and to finish we have the south beaches quality shorebreaks , some rock reefs , point breaks and that stuff REALLY good maybe the best of the city my favourite: the point break called La Maquinita and Horizonte rights and lefts over rock reef. well that just my two cents.

By Mar del se hace a huevo , 23-07-2005

Mar del se hace a huevo - En mardel se surfea ah huevo loco aguante el bodyboard nacional man

By , 07-06-2005

Surfing Business - These message is not for comenting about the waves in Argentina, which i know, and love very much.
Im trying to contact surfers from Argentina and all over the world, who fucking work in an office or wherever and hate it,want to make a business and a living with something related to surfing (travel, clothing,boards, etc..) the idea is to change and share ideas and perhaps we can make something and quit forever the fucking office and make a living in the surfing world.
My e-mail is
Buenas olas.
Version española:Este mensage no es para hablar de las olas de Argentina , las cuales las conozco y las quiero demasiado.
Estoy tratando de contactar surfers de Argentina o de cualquier parte del mundo, que trabajan en las putas oficinas o en cualquier lugar que odien, y que quieran generar un negocio relacionado con el surf (turismo, vestimenta,tablas etc...).
La idea es intercambiar y compartir conocimientos y ver que sale de todo eso, y capaz podamos asi renunciar a nuestros malditos trabajos y vivir del surf.

By , 26-10-2004

Question! - hello! I want to learn Spanish and improve my surfing skills (which are still very very poor... I suppose you can just call me a beginner. The plan is to live on an Argentinian beach for a while. Does anyone have any tips regarding a spot where I can learn to surf and where I can find myself a teacher who can learn me Spanish? I really want to take Spanish lessons for a month or two!

By seba , 05-10-2004

web surf pages in argentina for reportsand pics: - thia are the best 2 sites about surfing and pictures in argentina or
check this out!!

By local del sur ,seattle wa , 04-09-2004

yeah mardelplata is fun!! - every body knows that,all over the wold the summer is not the best season for surfing ,but in late february, march ,april,may is the best season,in march you could cach a few very good swells i got 1 in march the last yearof 6 'solid ,best spots? from north to south ;biologia ,yatch,(playa grande) ,mariano ,diva ,horizonte(el faro),la paloma ,chapa,crz del sur ,redondo in the south (ruta 11) if you wanna surf december-april you don't need more than a spring suit and alot of times you can surf whit shorts ,in summer is fucking hot down there!! and if you have a 6'0 is to 6'4 is perfect the average swells in summer are 3 to 7' and have fun !!! local del sur

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